Famous Guss’ Pickles Moving to Boro Park


guss-picklesThis year’s New York City International Pickle Day Festival, taking place on October 4, will be a lot more brinier than usual, supplemented with free flowing half-sour tears. The reason? News has broken that Lower East Side tenement-era survivors Guss’ Pickles will pack up their barrels four months from now and move to Boro Park.

The retail shop has been in business for around 85-90 years, and both Eater and Grub Street noted that Guss’ move has little to do with their 2006 lawsuit roundabout with the Cedarhurst, Long Island based pickle business of the same name. Co-owner Roger Janin told Grub Street that business has just tapered off too significantly, even during peak holiday seasons, to make a profit.

Guss’ new home will be a lower rent spot on 39th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues, relatively close to the other LES pickle mainstay, The Pickle Guys, who last year set up shop on Coney Island Avenue in Midwood (try the horseradish pickles). The Pickle Guys’ owner Alan Kauffman once worked for Guss’.



  1. They won’t be missed at all….pickle guys on Essex street and the pickle guys on avenue j and coney island avenue is so much better…..why did gusses wait so long to move out… It’s about time…good luck in boropark as the lower east side has started to grow once again in the young orthodox Jews moving in with the pickle guys by our side and with our support. Go pickle guys!

  2. Great!!! There goes my chances of finding a Parking spot…Maybe if they open a parking lot it will bring lots of buisness to all stores.

  3. Guss’s picles is made some company up north, but it sounds great “Guss’s pickles”- It’s the same as other pickles, just a catchy name.

  4. The East Side pickles in the barrel had its distinct taste, mouthfeel, etc. Every truck driver stuck his greased hand into the pickle barrel-That’s what gave it the “geshmack” mouth watering pickle.

  5. The Pickle Man on Essex Street has the real deal pickles – not this “shiksa’s” fake recipe that her intermarrying forebears left with her. Boro Parkers should watch out the food that is brought in by the employees. Better she should have moved to Bed Stuy.


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