For Purim 5776: Maseches Obama Basra, Perek HaDonald

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  1. very cute! but, knowing your readership, i just know that, without a doubt, you’re going to get criticism for doing this. all i can say to them is…..LIGHTEN UP, IT’S PURIM!

  2. Sefer Halichos Shlomo brings that no one ever saw Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach in a state of rage, except for when someone put out Gemara- like notes around Yeshiva Kol Torah. He marched into the dining room, and announced that such a thing is utterly unacceptable.

  3. how is this any different than any other purim Torah which has been said all throughout the ages? this is masterly done and very funny!

  4. there was a mesachtes purim in the same vein previous generations . the author was put into cherem…Lighten up?! you have plenty to lighten up with. mochink our holy scriptures are out of bouds

  5. This is Purim Torah at its apex – it mocks that which deserves to be mocked! Chas v’shalom that it in any way lowers the chashivos of Torah – Rather I think it demonstrates the chashivos of the Yiddishe khop (and the Yiddishe kup!) – How sharp the mind that learns Torah is, that they can achieve this kind of wit.


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