You Can Help Kehillos Moreshes Yaakov Burn their Mortgage!


Kehilas Moreshes Yaakov is one of the Torah community’s best kept secrets.

It’s a Kehila of Russian Jewish families located in the heart of Flatbush.  These families share a common culture and background and Kehilas Moreshes Yaakov serves as a nucleus for them all, encouraging them to embrace Yiddishkeit in a strong and supportive environment.

The Kehila is a vibrant and flourishing shul, offering a wide range of minyanim, shiurim, activities, celebrations, and special events.  Today, most of the children of Kehila members are attending mainstream yeshivas and Bais Yaakovs.  Young adults adopt a Torah lifestyle and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the community.  It’s one of the great success stories in the annals of the immigrant kiruv movement.

“Kehilas Moreshes Yaakov,” says Ed Klein, President of American Friends of KMY, “is critically important because there are very few opportunities for Russian immigrants to come and to share Yiddishkeit with like-minded people from the same culture and the same background.”

Rabbi Avrohom Binsky, Rov of the Kehila, adds that “the Kehila is a kli kiruv, a movement of kiruv, for Russian Jews from the Former Soviet Union.”  Rabbi Binsky is a leader who refuses to slow down.  For all of the success of Kehilas Moreshes Yakov, he continues his tireless efforts to reach out to many more immigrant families in the local area and beyond.

Now, the Kehila needs your help.  We are running a 24 hour ‘Burn The Mortgage’ campaign.  Our goal is to raise $200,000 in the next 24 hours with 4 to 1 matching donations.  This means that every dollar you donate will be multiplied four times!  That’s an amazing return on your investment !

Join our Kehila’s ‘Burn The Mortgage’ campaign. Help us pay off our overwhelming mortgage, so we can focus on servicing our community with bigger and better programs.   The two hundred proud member families of our Kehila prove that we’ve been incredibly successful so far.  But there’s so many more we can reach out to, so much more we can accomplish, with your help! CLICK HERE TO HELP!



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