New Torah Project in Moscow: “Yeshiva Hour” Three Hours of Learning Together


A new Torah learning initiative was started in the Central Marina Roscha Shul. “Yeshiva Hour” brings together community members , Anash, Shluchim, and the students of all four Chabad Yeshivos of Moscow, as well as the the city’s Jewish University students for three hours of learning together.

The idea, which was blessed by Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, was implemented with great success, as old and young people all sat together to learn in an organized manner.

The learning material that was prepared in advance included Nigleh, Chassidus, and Halacha in both Lashon Hakodesh as well as Russian translation, on the topic of Chanuka.

The Gabbais of the shul also prepared hot and cold drinks, as well as light refreshments in the Hachnosas Orchim room for the many people who came from all over Moscow to learn together.

Photos: Levi Nazarov



  1. Open more schools. Avoid any public schooling. Esav is too many.

    Jewish kids need help. Reform is wrong.

    Robe up the yeshiva strength. We need more.

    Bad outcomes any child without.


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