Listen: Local Bed-Stuy Residents Livid Over Shul’s Loud Siren

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A Bed-Stuy shul has been blasting a siren every Friday to signal the beginning of Shabbos, and neighbors say their ears can’t take it anymore, reports Reuven Fenton for the New York Post.

60-year-old Robert Prichard lives about 100 feet from the Congregation Bais Yaakov Nechemia D’Satmar at 144 Spencer Street and told Fenton that he has to wear earmuffs he bought from a gun store at the hour the alarm is sounded.

Prichard said the shul installed the new, blasting alarm this summer after building an additional wing to accommodate more people.

Aaron Graubart, 48, a food photographer said the sound registered 106 – which is close to a chain saw – from his window.

In response, Fenton reports that Rabbi Moshe Dovid Niederman, president of Satmar’s United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn, said the neighbors should calm down.

“The sounds of houses of worship, whether it be a church bell, Islamic call to prayer or Shabbos bell make up the tones that are the anthem of the City of New York,” Niederman said, adding that the city’s noise code gives religious organizations an exemption. The congregation offered the city – and still look forward – to sit down with the city and the neighbors to deal with this issue, and I hope that this will be resolved amicably.”




  1. That is a very unpleasant sound!! As a frum woman, I also wouldn’t enjoy it. Why not have a Shabbos ‘siren’ that plays a nice Shabbos song – I’ve heard quite a few of those – such as MBD’s “Uv’yom haShabbos sisu vesimchu” or “….shreit/zugt shoin yidelach gut Shabbos”
    The neighbors probably wouldn’t object as much to a pleasant – albeit loud – sound. Antisemitism is growing worldwide. We must remember that we’re still in golus – loud muezzins and church bells notwithstanding.

  2. Turn it off. Much too loud.

    These sirens are a relatively recent thing.

    We lived without such things for generations.

    We are in golus. We are not supposed to bother our neighbors.

    Stop them all ASAP.

  3. Reb Yid:

    Yeshiva Toras Emes on e. 19th Street and Ave. N has had a Shabbos siren for years.

    Possible solution is to have it sound for 15 – 30 seconds.

  4. The Shabbos siren in Far Rockaway lasts about 15 seconds. This very LOUD Bed-Stuy siren goes on-and-on for over a minute, which is (unnecessarily) way too LONG. The neighbors’ objections are 100% valid. For the furtherance of darchei Shalom the shul should lower the decibel level and drastically shorten the siren’s duration. Problem solved.

  5. We are supposed to keep a low a profile in golus. If it makes your life harder to check when shabbos is then that is your golus!!!! We should NOT be broadcasting our religion to all the goyim. When yidden get to comfertable in golus it never gets good.

  6. How would Jews feel if Allah Hu Akbar blares 5 times a day on Friday in Brooklyn? It amazes me how insensitive people are and push their foolish shtick on everyone whether they like it or not. Keep a low profile, why do Yidden deem it necessary to make a noise ?

  7. Goats will be ready!

    Shabbas is always the right of a Torah mind to observe at his own joyful mind known decision right to enter shabbas.

    Are we waiting on the messiah or the ayatollah? It is hard to decide with shabbas sirens.


      • Banking lessons for you. Torah is more than your low esteem for a written word. Maybe you can just turn in your tallis and go sweep the floors. We enjoyed the college educations for which we paid. Might you think you might just buy a dictionary and get done with it? The world is not Simon Says illiteracy. Thanks.

  8. TO Anonymous 9:58 PM, what language did you post in exactly? It certainly isn’t English as I understand English and I do not understand your post.

    • Dare you to take 10th grade English. We diagram sentences. I know that the syntax is efficient but the work can be written in such a manner. I did not like diagramming sentences, but it is very important to know that a written word makes sense. Take it to a teacher who is efficient and if she can not discuss what joyful mind known decisions right are you might take me to the next remedial course. Still, I can discuss that the joyful mind is a mind that is joyful, decisions right to enter shabbas are decisions that the mind described can make itself to do that in fact true, and known in the middle describes that the word can be written to describe that the mind which is joyful is known. Seriously, I am astounded that I can not write many words on Matzav without getting the same criticism yet no decipher of what is in the sentence that makes no sense. Are we reading at a college level or are we just skipping the whole education process. I am sure many of our children do want to go to college. Its smart.

  9. B”H I have a nice clock in my apartment so I always know what time it is and don’t need any crazy annoying sirens to let me know. Don’t these imbeciles know how to tell time?

  10. What ever happened with melting, blending in with the culture of the country that is your host away from home and kindly opened its door to you and yours? Why the indelicate, inconsiderate and imposing viral ways of “taking over” and changing the ways of inhabitants here before you and your religion got to these shores? Sirens? Really? What ever happened to a watch on your wrist or your vest to check like we all do to know if we are late to a date, work or dinner at home???? Are you that obtuse, thick and aloof that you need your eardrums and the entire neighborhood’s ruptured as well just to remind you were you should be now? C’mon! it is imposing and it implies a lack of empathy and consideration for others! This is the reason of the objection to immigration and it is the inconsideration and selfishness factor and refusal of other religions to blend in.


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