40 Percent of Palestinians Believe ISIS Will Come to Palestinian Territories


isisBy David Daoud

40 percent of Palestinians believe that the Islamic State terror group will reach the Palestinian territories, according to a new poll conducted by An-Najah University.

According to the poll, these respondents voiced their fears that ISIS would mainly aim for taking over territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority, namely the West Bank.

The poll also revealed that 77 percent of the respondents felt that the presence of ISIS would be detrimental to the Palestinian cause, and very negative effects would develop in its wake, Israel’s NRG reported.

The poll also queried Palestinians on other issues, revealing that 60 percent would like to see security cooperation with Israel halted, and that similar numbers thought that this security cooperation was the root of the tensions between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

The poll also showed that only 30 percent of Palestinians believe that the conflict with Israel will be ended through a peace process, whereas 65 percent were more pessimistic about such a possibility. 53 percent thought that peace talks would not be resumed during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s premiership.

The poll, carried out by An-Najah University’s research center, located in Nablus, was conducted between March 26th and 28th.

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