A LOSS FOR DEUTSCH: Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Beats Chaim Deutsch

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Longtime Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke emerged victorious in a second fierce Democratic primary challenge Tuesday night, though the outcome could still be reversed by thousands of absentee ballots that have yet to be counted.

Clarke scored a commanding 60.8 percent (29,254 votes) of the ballots cast during early voting and on primary day, while her chief opponent Adem Bunkeddeko notched just 19.1 percent (9,180 votes) of the vote, with 80 percent of precincts reporting. Councilman Chaim Deutsch was in third with 9.8 percent (4,725 votes). Isiah James, an Army vet who scored an endorsement from the Democratic Socialists of America, had 9 percent.

The NY Post reports that records from the Board of Elections show that voters in the 9th Congressional District requested nearly 76,000 absentee ballots, none of which have been counted yet. The records indicate that the bulk of the requests came from portions of the district Bunkeddeko did well in two years earlier. Under state law, the New York City Board of Elections won’t begin counting those ballots until next week, leaving the outcome of the race in some doubt for the next several days.

Clarke — the daughter of Flatbush political powerhouse and former Councilwoman Una Clarke — has represented Central Brooklyn in Congress since 2007, after spending four years on the City Council.

A major effort by the frum community in Brooklyn to garner support for Deutsch was apparently grossly insufficient, with Deutsch not receiving even 5,000 votes.



  1. This only proves the point that the biggest mouths in the community scream and yell and complain about everything but they do not vote. Did the Frum community vote?? Nope. Most people just stayed home and sat on their hands. What a pathetic bunch of losers we are!! Voting info, who votes and who doesn’t vote is public information. No one knows who or what you voted for but everyone can look up to see who voted and most of the frum community didn’t That makes us a bunch of losers. When things go wrong, just shut up because you didn’t vote. Every vote counts. If you don’t vote, YOU don’t count.

  2. We deserve what we get because we don’t vote. Don’t complain next time. All you talkers. Had we had 25 thousand more yidden voting we could of had a good congressman.

  3. Without Jewish representatives from us means we have to leave our only country. Our golden voice is and been defeated. Where should we go???

    • Mr. AKohen, Is the US your only country? Is the US your country at all? Wake up, you are in galus. cThe Yidden in Mitzraim who felt like you died in מכת חושך . המבין יבין

  4. A tremendous victory for the askanim. By the way did anyone else hear the gun shots by E 31st between L and M early Wednesday morning, around 2 a.m.?

  5. My family and I did our hishtadlus and voted for Chaim Deutsch. It’s a shame he lost, but he’s young and will iy”H have other opportunities.

  6. What difference does it make anyway. We should be voting Republican down the list in the elections. Even a “conservative democrat” gives more power to the contemporary general democrats, who just happen to be the existential enemy of our community.

  7. I live in Jerry Wadler’s district. We voted against him but being that most of the voters in the district live in Manhattan (take a look at his final numbers), old Jerry won in a landslide. Brooklyn was very close though. It just goes to prove once again, our vote (Frum Community) means absolutely NOTHING in NYC! Our vote doesn’t count! You can give us all the speeches in the world. It remains a fact that we (Frum voters) are a minority of a minority in the over-all voting process in NYC. We NEVER swing any candidate one way or the other. Our voice is worthless. Even if every single man, woman, & Frum child came out to vote, we still would NOT decide any stinking election! I’m sick of all the drashos every election season. How many times are we going to used as useful idiots? No more. I’ve had it.

  8. Truthfully there was never a hava amina he would win.

    And even if he would have won, the district would just get gerrymandered out of existence next election anyhow.

    That said it is upsetting how few people voted. Even though he would have lost anyway, a high voter turnout would have sent a message to Clarkle about next time.

  9. how could ANYONE who believes in G-d have ANYTHING to do with demonrat party? you guys have to be stupid! If he gets in as demonrat and all demonrats in congress decide to impeach Trump for not enthusiastically supporting a transgender policeman/woman. would he stand up vs all of his “colleagues”? yeah right! only a fool would have anything to do with that lying filth ridden party!

  10. If deutch would have won there woulod be a good chance that the seat would become more jewish after redistricting. And yes if he would have lost with 20,000 votes that would have sent a strong message to Clarke and other ny democrats that they might want to make the orthodox jews happy with them, because that’s a significant number of votes that could help or hurt them a lot in low turnout primaries

  11. Ever wondered why there are politicians from many ethnicities?
    Answer, bc if they draw districts in any way diminishing their voting power minorities will cry fowl!!!
    Why dont (white privilidged) jews get this priviledge??
    Answer, in short is that the Supreme court ruled that gerrymandering is ok as long as its ‘political’ eg. drawing your district based purely on voting patterns, but is a violation of civil right if its based on race or ethnicity.
    Ah so you may ask why is this not illegal in a case like boro park where you have the worst gerrymandering with nadlers district going thru the battery tunnel (no kidding) which splits the jewish vote. same story with district that used to be Ben Gillman that included Monsey and KJ and was split to weaken frum vote.
    This is where you get into legal swampland with unclear distinction between race and religous groups..
    I would love to see this relitigated – perhaps after Trump adds another 2 conservatives to the Bench
    see 1977 UJO vs Carey https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/430/144.html

  12. They reconfigured Chaim Deutsch’s district, cutting out a whole swath of voters living on Ocean Parkway.
    Check into this!
    There was a gerrymandering of the district again! Suddenly, thousands of Deutsch supporters could not vote for him.


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