A Storm Will Be Brewing In Just Two Days

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A storm of emotions that is.

A Kallah will be walking down the aisle this coming Wednesday all alone, three weeks after losing her father to Covid-19, and four years after losing her beloved mother to cancer.

Losing one’s only surviving parent, is like a dual engine plane losing its second engine, like the passengers who are grappling for something to grab a hold of, these orphans are struggling to find something to grab hold of.

As the kallah will stroll down the aisle, like most kallahs, a flow of tears will be streaming down her face hoping and praying for a better life ahead. However in this case, the tears will be a mixture of hopes and prayers, pain and suffering, yearning and longing.

So many memories will be floating up to the surface, fond memories from her childhood of growing up with two healthy parents, sad memories of caring for a cancer stricken mother, tragic memories of the loss of her mother, followed by the fresh open wound of losing her beloved father. The fresh memories of her tears and prayers for her father, who was fighting for his life for ten long weeks, followed by the open wound of his passing will be front and center.

The calamity of this tragedy is beyond comprehension. Now, as we speak there is an ongoing emergency campaign to raise the necessary funds needed to help this Kallah and her siblings survive the effects of the devastating blow they were just dealt.

It will take astronomical amounts of money, to provide these parentless children with a life that resembles normal, we must come together as fellow Jews to help them with anything possible, and save this family from utter demise.

We cannot let these children have another letdown, we cannot let this campaign fail to reach its intended goal.

Please click on the link, and wipe the tears off the faces of a lonesome Kallah, and her shattered siblings. Show them that you care. Show them your compassion and empathy.

Together, we can make that walk down the aisle a lot happier, knowing that she’s not alone after all.

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