Biden Says Schools Would Be Opening Safely If Trump Had Done His Job

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that schools would be opening safely — instead of faced with a “national emergency” — if President Trump had done his job handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s remarks in Wilmington, Del., came shortly before Trump staged an event in the battleground state of North Carolina to commemorate World War II and tout his support for the military.

Earlier Wednesday, Biden announced a record-breaking fundraising haul for August and said he will travel Thursday to Kenosha, Wis. which has experienced unrest in the wake of the police shooting of a Black man. President Trump visited the city Tuesday, reinforcing his law-and-order message.

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  1. Biden is 100% right. if President Trump had done his job handling the coronavirus criminals and eradicating them from the world, the children would be safe to go to school and walk the streets.

    Will President Trump and the leaders of the rest of the world make another lockdown in September to finish the arrests of the Deep State / Cabal / Mossad criminals guilty of crimes against humanity?

  2. There would be no more world hunger if Biden ( or any other politician)would have done his job. If you say a lie enough times people start to believe it.

  3. thanx to President Trump who was able to lockdown the United States early enough to keep the China virus from spreading even more to the world. Americans were lucky that the DemocRATS did not rule their nation and help spread the pandemic……………………………………..
    Americans need FOUR MORE YEARS of the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION with some personnel changes

  4. Another nonsensical remark from Hiden Biden.President Trump did everything as advised by the best guess of “experts”.Do people have such short memories that they don’t remember that experts were predicting that the death toll would be in the millions? Now we know more how Covid-19 works, who is most vulnerable for serious or fatal disease and we have treatments and B”H soon we’ll have a vaccine ,all due to President Trump ‘s leadership!


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