Bikur Cholim of Cleveland Celebrates 30 years of Compassion

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In a memorable evening attended by over 700 people, the internationally recognized organization, Bikur Cholim of Cleveland, celebrated its 30-year anniversary on April 29 at Landerhaven. The evening marked a milestone for this organization that helps individuals who come from all over the world for their medical treatment in the Cleveland Clinic. The event illuminated the partnership of world renowned physicians who collaborate with Bikur Cholim in its mission of hope and healing. Among the representation of Cleveland’s elite medical experts was Dr. Edward Barksdale, Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

Documenting the tribute dinner for Dr. Lever.

The evening’s program included the video tribute, Compassion in Action, highlighting the work of Bikur Cholim and giving the audience a glimpse of the organization’s round-the-clock acts of giving. The Faces of Compassion, a series of video tributes to the night’s honorees, illustrated the powerful impact that individuals can make in a worldwide community of patients.

Dr. Harry M. Lever, cardiologist, consultant to the medical world, and world expert in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy was recognized as Physician of the Year. The Young Leadership Award was presented to Mr. Yaakov Moshe Moskovitch, a Klausenberg chossid, who provides hospitality to patients and families coming to the Clinic from around the world. The Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Dr. and  Mrs. Alan and Debbie Schlesinger, who perform myriad acts of kindness within the Bikur Cholim community and beyond.

The dinner guests were able to experience firsthand the global impact of what was once considered a community organization. However, “It is not just about one community anymore,” said Dr. Louis Malcmacher, who attended the event, “Cleveland is a world center for medical care, and Bikur Cholim of Cleveland is a world center for chessed.”



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