Photos: The Belzer Rebbe Flies to North America

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  1. Rav Pam & Rav Elya zichronam levracha would just take an Amtrak themselves .
    I know this is a show of malchus which is fine.
    But there is another way.

      • I am sure that the person who provided the charter gives more Tzedakah then you can even fathom. You really need to learn to fargin. You may not be able to give tzeddakah like this person, but you can learn to fargin.

        • An aircraft of that size charters for about $8,500 an hour. That means the bill was close to $85,000 for the Tel Aviv to Montreal flight. The Rebbe could have traveled first-class on any major airline for $7,000, for both him and his shamos. That comes to an additional $78,000 of Tzedukah that the Gvir could have provided.

          • Assumptions, you know what they do.
            1) The givr probably already gives 20%. I know of a number of such people who give that amount.

            2) I am sure it was more than just two people on the flight, so your math fails.

            I am sure that you give far less than every possible amount to tzedakah. That is baduk umenusah of people who are so busy with such “holier than thou” complaints of how others spend their money.

    • Rav Pam & Rav Elya z”l would just go the train station in central Jerusalem and take an Amtrak to Mtl? How long did the journey take? Did you ever hop along?

      • They would get a shared tendor to Ben Gurion and then get on a connecting flight to Montreal .
        I was just underscoring that there is another way for a gadol and manhig to travel without it having an affect on their ability to inspire the tzibur
        Rav Shmuel Barenbaum refused to sit in 1st class when offered .
        I am not decrying or admonishing only pointing out that there are many ways to do things.
        Belz needs to do what is best for Belz .
        They should continue to flourish

    • I just can’t imagine Rav Pam zt”l., Rav Moshe, zt”l. or Rav Yaakov, zt”l. allowing their supporters to spend $100,000 for a flight for him to Eretz Yisrael from New York.

      I guess the Hasidic world is different.

      • Andy, the Hasidic world is different. For better or worse, they are very much into “raboonus” and “yicchus”.

        I think Belzers around the world would be mortified if they saw their Rebbe flying on a commercial airline among ordinary people, even if it was in First Class.

  2. my issue is not with spending the money, it is with Matzav. What does anyone gain by seeing the pictures of the inside of the plane? So we could be impressed by the opulence? Curious.

  3. The Rebbe most likely didn’t ask to fly like this. A Chossid sponsored it. He most likely gives lots of $ already to Tzedakah.

    • it doesn’t matter. the rebbe should have denied it and asked if the money can be used for better things! $80000 can do a lot!

  4. We do not know details, not even number of required seats. Perhaps it cost even less than ordinary business class ticket. To the gentleman who says “first class”, there are not many airlines with first class to Montreal. Do you know what you are talking about?

  5. I’m surprised nobody has spoken about the tznius aspect. We need to bear in mind that simply going to Ben Gurion is actually not so simple in terms of tznius. When you have no other option, then what can you do? You have to enter this building which is nothing short of a shopping mall with all sorts of pritzus flashing at you from every corner – you try to your best to turn away your eyes (unless you are deadened to it because you’re used to it) and you make your way to your flight. ‘

    But if you have another option, and clearly the Rebbe does, it is worth all the money in the world to avoid just one indecent image from branding itself in your conscience. Notice that he is immersed in his Tehillim amidst that luxury, not goggling at the luxury around him.

    • A suggestion is to move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. There are absolutely no tznius problems in their airports.

      • Maybe you’d like to reconsider making light of the concept of shmiras einayim found in all the classic mussar works.

      • Doug, unfortunately you are as far away from fear of God as one can possibly be. It’s never top late to repent though.

  6. how many belzer chassidem cant have children or afford tuition, afford housing and food?
    it doesnt matter if the gvir insisted and he already gives alot to tzedaka. your telling me if the rebbe insisted the gvir would not have bought a first class ticket and donated the rest to charity?
    what possible justification could their be for a rebbe to fly like some of the wealthiest people in the world? even some rich people fly first class and dont charter a plane!


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