Body-Slamming Deputy Will Be Fired

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body slamThe South Carolina police officer who body-slammed a high-school girl reportedly after she refused to leave a classroom will be fired, sources tell NBC News.

The incident involving Officer Ben Fields was caught on camera.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who told reporters Thursday that there’s a third video showing the girl hitting Fields “with her fists,” is expected to hold another press conference on his findings this afternoon. Read more at NBC News.



  1. Its amazing that we once had a great Nation here in America. It was reported that this officer was fired from his job. Outrageous. These spoiled criminals have gotten away with misbehavior for way to long. We finally have a person of authority taking control of a disruptive student, and HE gets punished??? Obama/Holder created this monster and now we are finished. Its over.


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