Businessman Raising £1m To Recreate 9/11 To Prove Conspiracy Theories True Or False ‘Once And For All’

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An American-born businessman wants to raise £1m to stage a bizarre recreation of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

The Mirror reports that Paul Salo, who now lives in Thailand, has said he wants to purchase a ‘Boeing 747’ and smash it into the side of an empty building in the countryside at 500mph. He describes it as an ‘important project’ to prove conspiracy theories about the terror atrocities ‘once and for all’.

Mr Salo is hoping to crowdfund the event and is selling ‘front-row seats’ to the outlandish spectacle in Thailand for $5000 each (£3,500).

In a video promoting the ‘reconstruction’, he said: “If you doubt anything about 9/11 we want to blast this to smithereens or we want to prove you completely right. We’re going to purchase a 747 or equivalent aircraft that’s about to go out of service, we’re going to fill it full of jet fuel, we’re going to purchase a building that’s about to be torn down in the countryside… and we’re going to crash it at 500 miles per hour into that building.

“If there’s just a smoking hole in the building and nothing happens, you pretty much know it was a hoax, right? Cos it’s obvious, right?

“Sure, some people might be upset, but we deserve to find out what happened.”

The Mirror reports that Salo, who grew up in California, adds that he believes the reconstruction will discover there was “similar physics” which caused the twin towers to collapse. Read more at The Mirror.




  1. Idiot. Wrong airplane, wrong speed, wrong target building. It won’t prove anything. Besides, conspiracy theorists do not allow facts and data to get in the way of their theories.

    Waste of money.

  2. Why is he wasting money?
    We all know that it controlled detonations, done by the Mossad, aided by the CIA, with Bush and Cheney’s complicity, to assist the U.N. in establishing a New World Order, backed by black helicopters and secret transmissions that are received by dental-fillings in order to mind-control the sheeple. This ongoing plot is now headed by our cyborg, Moslem, communist President.

  3. yeah, cause conspiracy theorists are gonna see this and say “oh, i guess that everything i thought for 15 years (against all logic) was proven wrong by the wrong plane with the wrong load crashing into the wrong building in the wrong place”


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