Busy Mother Donates Kidney to “Bionic Man”

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Today, in a remarkably inspiring kidney donation, a man who previously underwent a heart transplant received a kidney from a busy frum mother of a large family.

The donor, Susan, is very involved with her many children and grandchildren. Many others in her community have donated in the past and served as an inspiration to pick up the phone to call Renewal.

Jack, the recipient, is referred to by his doctors as the “bionic-man,” as he was a heart-transplant recipient 17 years ago. He is a father of 7 and grandfather of 26, ka”h. He personally takes care of his father-in-law who is over 100 years old. He reached out to Renewal as he was nearing dialysis and feared to have to undergo even one day of dialysis.

Susan and Jack briefly met this morning for their first time.

“It was quite emotional, with a little bit of kibitzing,” a member of Renewal told Matzav.com.

Jack has now received a third lease on life due to Susan’s amazing selfless act.

CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter


  1. I agree the bionic man nickname is funny, but the focus should be on the story which is very inspiring and very moving. WOW. I wish all my best to the recipient, the donor, and their respective families.

  2. How about the act of Chesed ? How about Renewal the unique and special not for profit organization involved in matching donors with recipients ? These should be the focus of attention, not the size or shape of the kidney.
    מי כעמך ישראל ?


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