California City Approves 25-Cent Fee On Disposable Cups

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In what the city touts as the country’s “most ambitious” plan to reduce food-related waste, Berkeley, California, passed legislation Tuesday night that will require restaurant customers to pay 25 cents for a disposable cup.

Restaurants will keep all money collected from the 25-cent fee, set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. The city council approved the measure unanimously, the Associated Press reported.

Among the other measures included in the ordinance: disposable items like utensils, straws and napkins will be available only upon request or at self-serve stations, takeout food be served only using compostable dishes and utensils by January 2020, and dine-in food will be served only using reusable dishes and utensils by July 2020.

Read more at USA Today.



  1. Just like you can bring your own bags/boxes/suitcases instead of a dime or more for each back, they will have to let you bring your own cups.

  2. I think that California should enact a new tax on using the restroom. Not only will that somehow save the environment, it would also reduce obesity, and the funds could be used to build “waste collecting facilities” for the homeless, and the illegals.

  3. Don’t worry. When Bl$$mberg becomes President there won’t be any kind of cup allowed. We will go back to the age of the caveman. You will drink water directly from the river using your cupped bare hands.


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