Chareidi MKs Are Told: Pack Your Shtreimels and Go to Brooklyn


gafni-maklevChareidi MKs in Israel said today that they have received threatening letters in envelopes with white powder inside.  “Stop sucking our blood,” the letters say. “Pack up your stuff and your shtreimels and go to Brooklyn.” The Knesset Officer has launched an investigation into the source of the letters, which were sent to MKs Uri Maklev and Moshe Gafni of Yahadus Hatorah.

“We, the enlightened people of Israel, demand that you, people of darkness, stop living at our expense by studying without working, and get out of our lives,” the letters say.

“If you continue to squeeze out funds at our expense you will pay a hefty price, as we will fight you physically and not just through demonstration. You will feel our wrath on your selves and your synagogues. We will make your lives miserable and attack you in your cities and neighborhoods.”

The letters also had a picture of a skull wearing a black hat and peyos.  The letters were taken in by the Knesset Officer, but the white substance has not yet been identified.

Rabbi Gafni’s spokeman said in response to the letters that “it was clear to us that the rabid incitement against the chareidim would lead to such maneuvers and even violence.”

“It’s too bad there is no real dialogue in Israeli society, only hate campaigns,” he added.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. Would be an interesting experiment to see if the Israeli LifeStyle is sustainable in America? with tuition fees, medical costs, rental/cost of housing, shul dues, cost of aliyos, etc..

  2. I am not justifying this, but it is scary how closely this resembles the Rambam’s description of what will happen when societies and people use their learning as a source of livelihood…

  3. WHAT A CHILLUL HASHEM: where jews go against jews. Where else worse can this happen beside in the land of Klal yisroel-eretz yisroel-this will only continue to grow as the navi Zecharya says: before mashiach comes the hatred will be so great-R”L- that yidden will be against each other…

    Do muslims also go against each other or is this only by yidden?

  4. #5 where do u get your weed!?!!?! Are you partially or clinicly insane?!?? DO THE MUSLIMS DO THIS? do u notice all the suicide bombs that go off in Iraq are muslim againrt muslim. Sunni vs Shiite. Civil war in somalia, bomb in Bali, Indonesia, the Taliban bombing Afghan people, the list is endless!

    The real problem with this news story is that, if not for their grandparents (people like us keeping the mitzvos) they would long be lost to the Jewish people, like countless others that left the track in the last 2000 years. So the only reason they are Jewish and have any connection to Israel, is because of us Shomrei Torah Umitzvos.

  5. Middos K’neged Middos – Just keep on threatening OTD jews and those who are moser the chillilei Hashem their neighbors do, and you will get more of the above.


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