Dr. Scott Atlas Decries ‘Ludicrous’ Level Of ‘Hysteria’ Among Democrats Over School Reopenings


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that school reopenings present the “biggest risk for the spread of the coronavirus” is “completely wrong” and “contrary to all the science,” Dr. Scott Atlas told “The Story.”

“I’m not sure how many times it has to be said, but the risk of children from this disease and the fatality is nearly zero,” Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, told host Martha MacCallum. “The risk of children for a significant illness is far less from the seasonal flu. This is totally antithetical to the data.”

Pelosi, D-Calif., criticized the administration on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos vowed to open American schools for in-person classes this fall.

Pelosi called Devos’ comments “appalling” and accused the president and his administration of “messing with the health of our children.” She went on to claim that that Trump administration officials “ignore science, and they ignore governance in order to make this happen.”

“Obviously, we know this by now, it’s been confirmed all over the world, children rarely transmit the disease to adults,” said Atlas, “but those are people that obviously either don’t know that data or have a refractory to learning themselves because the facts say otherwise.”

Atlas said he was amazed by the “ludicrous” level of “hysteria” among Democrats who are pushing to keep schools closed for the start of the 2020-21 academic year.

“The problem here and the biggest point of all [is] I never hear anyone talk about the harms of closing schools,” he said. “The harms are against the children. Anyone who prioritizes children would open the schools and that’s just counterfactual to say … we’re at risk here.'”

Atlas said among other things, children are lacking social engagement which can stall the development of necessary skills. Read more at Fox News.



  1. People also said it was just the flu back in jan. They are just guessing.
    In ten years ill tell you if they were right

    • Turtle, why do you need 10 years to see it’s a hoax and it was a hoax from the start and continues so?

    • Sorry, you’re the idiot. The school opening was not a disaster at all. One child in school didn’t feel well which got the entire school was evacuated. Why? Not feeling well does not mean coroney baloney EVEN if he was tested positive. Testing positive is another coroney baloney because they include anti-bodies in the positive tests. This is precisely the reason many Gedolei Yisroel forbid their talmidim / chassidim to take blood tests if they have fever or not feeling well. They tell them to take acamol (tylenol) and rest it out for a few days but nobody should take a test because it will obviously be positive and then the entire yeshiva can close down for at least 2 weeks WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE HEALTH MINISTERS ARE OUT FOR – TO CLOSE YESHIVOS!

      • Make up your mind Tipush. I thought corona was only about catching criminals, and besides it isn’t only yeshivos that are being closed, they are closing secular schools as well (as needed)

        • They are closing SCHOOLS because they need to protect children. All children. It’s the Israeli govt who are desperate to close Yeshivos so that more and more boys will go OTD.

        • I’m not concerned at all. I got my flu shot so I’m protected and will live forever. If you wouldn’t be so insistent on being a rodef, and you’d be up to date with all your vaccinations, you wouldn’t be so nervous.

    • Of course they will test positive – that is how immunity develops. The point is that fewer are harmed by the virus than by the normal seasonal flu. In the US, as of the latest report, there was a grand total of 30 deaths from the virus for those under 15 years old, while the death for the seasonal flu since February of this year (for ages under 17) was at least three times as high (numbers from the CDC web site).

  2. On the same day MATZAV posts “Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains” Fox has politicized the virus, the Doctor is making it about Democrats. Shouldn’t we learn from Israel’s mistakes.
    What a smarmy Doctor.

    • No gains were wiped out. Is the death count rising? The only increase is in herd immunity. Israel’s mistake was in having a lockdown.

      “I see the standout winners as Germany and Sweden. They didn’t practise too much lockdown and they got enough people sick to get some herd immunity.
      I see the standout losers as countries like Austria, Australia and Israel that had very strict lockdown but didn’t have many cases. They have damaged their economies, caused massive social damage, damaged the educational year of their children, but not obtained any herd immunity.”

      Michael Levitt, PhD, is an American-British-Israeli-South-African biophysicist. Since 1987, he is professor of structural biology at Stanford University. Dr. Levitt received the Nobel Prize in chemistry, together with two colleagues for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.

    • It’s not Fox who politicized the coroney baloney. It’s politicized from the start. Had it been a medical issue, we’d have heard the coronavirus updates from hospitals, from doctors, from medical professors and not from politicians.
      If NO doctor can explain what coronavirus is, it’s 100% clear that coroney is baloney.

      • Your idiocy brights up my day. There are endless updates from doctors and medical professors. Get your head out of the sandbox

  3. Ron Brownstein
    A defining characteristic of the virus surge across the Sunbelt from FL/GA to TX/AZ: GOP Govs, following Trump’s cues, who have prevented local Ds from acting as caseloads soar: “Kemp bans cities, counties from mandating masks.

    With Trump and his supporters lives don’t matter.

    This is the type of leadership And management skills the country does not need during a crisis.

    • The “virus” surge has nothing to do with medical issues and everything to do with the surging of arrests of elite corona criminals, the Invisible Enemies, as President Trump calls them. It’s precisely because Trump and his supporters lives matter that schools are closed. While the Invisible Enemies that have plagued the world for over 200 years are being arrested, children are kept home for safety, for physical safety. These elite resho’im who are being pursued are out to retaliate, esp against children. Which is why you cannot have large amount of people at weddings and other places. You must be an idiot to think the lockdowns worldwide are to shoot out the fevers and flu from people.

      • Were you homeschooled or did you ever go to school like most people did? If you attended school, did any of the sordid things your sick imagination continuously brings up ACTUALLY happen to you? if your answers is no, how do you dare spreading such slander. If your answer is yes, you need to go to police, put in writing your accusations so that the people you accuse will stand trial (which is quite different from extrajudicial murder) and as a survivor of abuse you have to get help.

      • You are nebach so brainwashed its frightening. Kids are NOT locked in their homes for the last four months you doofus. And dozens of countries worldwide dont need to destroy their economies to catch criminals. The facts are that the spread of the virus slows when in lock down

  4. Schools with masks and 8 kids per teacher per day all sitting 6 feet apart is also harmful for children psychologically, emotionally and physicalluly. Wearing a mask all day is physically harmful to them and their developing brains. It creates an environment way too high in CO2.
    They are best off homeschooled…
    If they dont transmit the virus, let them go to school NORMALLY.

  5. “Swine flu was stopped without the world being brought to a halt. Every virus creates antibodies. A government cannot stop a virus. What stops a virus is natural immunity. It’s impossible to stop a virus by government decree. And here is a question: the Chinese claim that they have stopped the virus by the lockdown but the lockdown is finished and the virus is moving around freely, so how are morbidity and mortality not continuing? If the theory of lockdown was correct they would be continuing to die there. Who discusses this?” Former Israeli Health Ministry chief Prof. Yoram Lass

  6. With computers and internet, most students could do home schooling. Zoom might be of use. Kids should be to self study.

    Our nation is so stupid they wage war against men and back-to-vacation vituperation. We never raise ever a nutrition war. Kids are track bumble. The corporation shave America and the federal supports only what gives immediate tax. You wont even tax vigor by peanut. There is fraud.

    Grand old face of man. Even the flag sets it. Not my animus libertus.

    Vouch Brooklyn and America needs no more cases.

  7. Both is the US as well as in Eretz Yisroel, the main thing is too be very careful NOT to attribute the spread at all to the protesters. They are doing a noble task and the virus itself understands that the protesters are off limits.

    • Thousands protested in Tel Aviv and most were without masks. What do the maskeraders here say about that?

    • Dont be so stupid. Every yingel know that the danger in suppressing protests is far worse than the potential danger of the virus. Its not that protesters are immune, its just the lesser of the two evils

  8. “I see the standout losers as countries like Austria, Australia and Israel that had very strict lockdown but didn’t have many cases. They have damaged their economies, caused massive social damage, damaged the educational year of their children, but not obtained any herd immunity.”

    Michael Levitt, PhD, professor of structural biology at Stanford University. Nobel Prize in chemistry.


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