Egyptian Academic: ‘Jews Eat Matzah Made With Donated Human Blood’

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Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed, an Egyptian professor of Hebrew at King Saud University, said in an episode of the anti-Semitic Egyptian TV show “Blue Line” that aired last month that some Jews eat matzah on Pesach that contain human blood.

He said that he believes that some members of the community donate the blood for the purpose of preparing the matzah, and that the practice, which he said is today limited to “extremist” charedi Jews, was once widespread among Jews.

Abdel Wahed also said that the consumption of this matzah has negative effects on one’s health.

The show aired on Channel 2 TV (Egypt).




  1. Although blood libels has been going on for hundreds of years, adrenochrome is a drug for aristocratic, dignified and rich elites worldwide – believe it or not. These devils suck up adrenochrome, renewing their blood from terrorized young children to make them young again.

  2. Does that moron also acknowledge that the Hebrews were enslaved and tortured by his ancestors or that fact is a myth? Because, frankly, in all likelihood, he’s correct only he has his left and right mixed up! What a moron!

    • You got your facts wrong. The Egyptians today are of Arab stock. The Egyptians during shibbud Mitzraim were descendants of Ham. The only connection between the two is their hatred of Jews.

  3. Oh, no wonder my matzoh’s tasted extra delicious this year. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I guess someone put their finger in it.

  4. If he is a professor then why not run our matzah through a lab test? Instead of talking from his behind?

  5. Arabs kill babies and eat their eyeballs after playing ping pong with them. Probably more true than what this absolute lying idiot claims.

  6. Only fake news would brainwash you with such lies. FYI, those people sacrifice children, drink their blood and eat their flesh. B”H President Trump is after those criminals, many of whom are already arrested.

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