Few Chareidi Judges Apply for Israel’s Courts

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When asked what was being done about appointing chareidi judges for Israel’s courts, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked recently said that too few chareidim were applying for the position.

If more applied, she said, she would speak to the Supreme Court president to speed their hiring process as part of efforts to establish equal job representation for all sectors of the Israeli public. The process normally takes two years.

She added that in general, the justice ministry employs more chareidi workers than any other ministry.

Matzav.com Israel News Bureau


  1. I don’t understand the headline. Where else would chareidi judges be working currently, if not the Israeli court system that they’re not applying for?

  2. It’s a catch 22 situation. The reason there are so few judges is because there are so few applicants, but the reason there are so few applicants is because people know it’s an exercise is futility.

  3. It’s the same reason there aren’t any charedi light rail drivers,or why every government office you go into doesn’t have any charedi—the secular establishment won’t hire them.


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