Food Inspectors To Take Over Kosher Inspections in NY

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As we’ve reported here on, New York State has eliminated the kosher food inspectors from the budget in a move officials will save almost $1 million. In their place, the 85 food safety inspectors around New York will be trained in kosher registry information provided by the rabbi in charge of the now defunct program.

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, who represents Sullivan County, doesn’t like the move.

“I don’t know how long the training will take and I think it’s important to have part of that community involved and who are in the know in regarding kosher food and how to touch it and how to handle in those positions,” she said.

Howard Katzenstein is with the Orthodox Union, which oversees kosher food preparation and labeling worldwide. He said you don’t have to be Jewish to eat kosher food.

“Bear in mind that the kosher consumers are not only Jewish consumers, but also vegetarians, Seventh Day Adventists, Moslems, individuals with food allergies,” he said. “Mislabelings occur sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally and the state was quicker to respond than would a lawsuit which drags its way through the slow wheels of the justice system.

Rabbi Luzer Wiess, who will be retained to educate the safety inspectors, said given the state’s fiscal condition, “it is incumbent upon us to make our programs operate more efficiently and effectively.” He said he is confident that the inspectors will be able to maintain “the same or better level of protection with this expanded force of inspectors.”



  1. Rabbi Weiss! Do you really believe that some goy who doesn’t care about Kashrus can “maintain the same or better level of protection”? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.

  2. You are confident that the goyishe food inspectors will maintain a “better level of protection” than Yidden that know what kashrus entails?!?! What is this world coming to and will we ever be able to trust KASHRUS under the supervision of a so called “rabbi”????
    training goyim for “Kashrus Inspection!!!!!

  3. Why is the state involved in a function that hechshers provide just fine? When we have our own excellent sources of hashgacha, why is the government involved? This smells to me of another bureaucratic scheme, and I think that the Assemblywoman is just concerned about losing votes and influence.

  4. Lets learn the real Emes. This department does not give any hechshairim. They just make sure that fraud doesn’t occur when an establishment says they are kosher, that they really are. they investigate cases of mislabeling such as false o-u’s etc. so that you will not eat traif while the o-u needs months or longer to get the fake o-u removed.


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