Hamas: ‘Not Hesitant To Wage Campaign Against Israel’

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Gaza’s ruling faction Hamas triggered a warning Friday morning, stating it will not cower from war with Israel, following last night’s flare-up along the Gaza Strip border.

“The resistance’s response makes clear it will not hesitate from waging a campaign against Israel in case the escalation and strikes continue,” the Islamist terror group was quoted as saying by outlet Ynet.

“Israel must bear the consequences and pay the price for the ongoing aggression against Gaza, tightening the blockade, interrupting residents’ lives and bombing resistance facilities,” Hamas concluded.

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  1. The problem is that Hamas ym”sh is right. Israel unfortunately cowers from them, as is proven by their lame responses to their childish aggression. What would it take to have a few full-time observation planes/drones/whatever monitoring and killing (yes, killing) people releasing the balloon-borne incendiary devices? After a couple of immediate lethal attacks, the problem would go away very quietly and quickly. Of course the leftist world and media would scream and yell, but they do that anyway. But the Israelis are too chicken to do it right…


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