Islamic State Threatens Israel With Global War

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The Islamic State terror group said in its newsletter this week that its “war against Israel will not be limited by geographical boundaries or by international norms.”

The Al-Naba newsletter, which was obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and cited in a report by the Jerusalem Post, claims that Israel feels threatened by Islamic State for various reasons—which explains why the Jewish state is aiding the fight against Islamic State in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and in the Syrian civil war.

“The collapse of the Sykes-Picot statelets, which were tasked with protecting the Jewish state; the approach of ISIS (Islamic State) mujahideen toward its borders; [Israel’s] fear of the spread of [Islamic State’s] methodology among the oppressed Muslims inside those borders; and the manifest failure of the Crusader states who protect the Jews to win the battle against [Islamic State]—all these are factors that caused the Jewish state to not sit idly by in face of this danger,” the Islamic State newsletter said.

Islamic State also said its war against Israel will not look like Israel’s conflicts with other Islamic movements or groups like Hamas, who “falsely attribute themselves to Islam, since those battles were fought within the framework of the international order.”

MEMRI explained that Islamic State’s ideology believes in fighting Israel only after the jihadist group conquers the Arab states in Israel’s neighborhood.




  1. Time is not on the side of the terrorists. They are not the Servants of Hashem. So as far as I can tell, we will have a hate era and a terrorist crime spree that might continue for some years, but in all thought, the terror will not continue without the end of many of their lives at their own consequence.

    If that is what the wild dog and wild animal wants, then it is likely that the Ishmaelite is going to have his hands full of his own anticipated idiocy.

    Terrorists are not the universe ever. We will continue.


    • Actually, it’s a little different than you post. The Yishmaelim will have the upper hand from now on, until Moshiach comes. See Zohar at the end of Parashas Vayeira.

      • They do not have an upper-health. You can humiliate Israel continually but Hashem keeps his covenant. We can fear G-d. Give more to charity and wait on more Torah. The idea that it will opportune a greater day is smart. Gold verifies the L-rd is dramatic. That is the war.


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