Israel: 10-Year-Old Develops Brain Infection After Contracting Measles

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A 10-year-old boy from Emmanuel was hospitalized in solitary confinement in a pediatric ward at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikva after he contracted measles.

The child, who has not previously been vaccinated for measles, suffers from encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and is in mortal danger.

Over the past year, more than 2,000 cases of measles have been reported in Israel. The Health Ministry is working on several levels to increase the number of people immunized against the disease.

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  1. Amazing!
    When they get brain inflammation from the vaccines, we are told it’s a coincidence but if they get it from the measles, it’s from the measles!!!!

  2. what about all the kids with brain injury from the vaccines. why don’t they count?
    why are the lives of people getting infectious disease more important than our vaccine injured children??
    why isn’t that put on the news.
    there is a child in the hospital now suffering from uncontrollable seizures after vaccination?
    and there are many others that have been damaged in the current frenzy of mass vaccination.
    why don’t you put that on the news???
    why are you hiding the TRUTH
    WHY can’t someone stand up and speak the truth
    oh because they are worried that if chas veshalom anyone finds out that there are children in the hospital with injury’s after vaccination they might consider not vaccinating chas v shalom.
    there are children that CANNOT handle vaccines.
    and there is a way to screen this
    why arent they doing this??????
    i can’t believe you still believe all the pro vaxx propaganda
    they are making stuff up to get ppl to vaccinate.
    there is no 30% complication rate with measles.
    isn’t that obvious yet with all the cases of measles that we have and most of them have NOT been reported.
    we don’t know anything about the 10 year old with the brain injury
    was he healthy
    did he take vit a immediately upon onset of the measles.
    we know that vit a drastically reduces complications in measles – look it up
    why don’t you come out with the truth and stop hiding the real facts.
    it is so maddening to watch this lie being perpetuated by frum jews
    i know you won’t post this but i have to at least try.
    HEALTHY UNVACCINATED children do NOT carry disease
    RECENTLY VACCINATED children with DTap and MMR carry the virus and can shed the virus onto others while remaining completely symptom free.
    look that one up too.

  3. But the antivaxxers keep on saying that measles is a harmless disease. Watch the idiots blaming vaccines for some voodoo black magic made up pseudo-science terms.

  4. There is more and more doctors and scientists questioning the safety of vaccines but all I hear is the side of the pharmaceutical companies . Why can’t we see safety studies on vaccines. You can go to vaxxed .com and read over 6900 cases of vaccine injuries.

    • It’s unbelievable that there are some people who still think that just because something is on a website makes it credible. And by the way, do you know how many injuries cars cause?

      • What website are u talking about??
        Vaers? That is a government website that records adverse Reactions to vaccines
        Cdc? That is also a government website
        Do a little researchand then come back and argue

  5. FACT 1:The poskei Hador in America( R’ Dovid)and in EY ( Elyasiv ) both pasken that one should vaccinate.

    (Comment, MOST of the other major poskim agree. If there is a a chashuve rav who doesn’t, their daas is בטל to the giants or they are a. דעת יחיד)

    FACT 2 : The overwhelming majority of the medical experts also are pro the MMR vaccine.

    (Comment, This includes many Frum doctors, who have spent their lives doing chessed for the community caring more about fellow yidden than what the medical field preaches or than their personal financial gain)

    FACT 3: the overwhelming majority of our community feels that on should give their kids MMR Vaccines.

    (Comment, among those are many who don’t “believe” conventional medicine, who don’t take things at face value, who think critically and independently, and still reach the avouve conclusion).

    I challenge any ANTI to dispute the above facts.

  6. Dear fact,
    I will definitely challenge you on this one
    1. We all know that when asking a shailah to a gadol the answer is based on the way the question is asked
    If the questionis presented in the following manner then of course the answer is to vaccinate
    Q: Rav _______,
    We have a terrible illness going around where 1 in a thousand will die and about 30% of those who contract the illness will be hospitalized with complications
    There is a vaccine which if taken can prevent ppl from getting this disease. The vaccine is safe and effective and has very rare side effects like 1 in a million.
    Should one take the vaccine?
    A: of course!!!
    Q: can we exclude those who dont want to take this life saving vaccine from schools?
    A: of course!

    However if the question is asked in the following manner using actual facts i think the answer would be very different
    Q: there is a disease going around that used to be very common in the 1960’s and earlier
    It is a very benign disease for healthy children and provides lifelong immunity if contracted
    We now know that vit a and d are very effective in treating this disease and can minimize the complications alot.
    So far there have been over 1000 reported cases and we so far had one death in a very ill baby who had down syndrome and other complicated health issues and one complication
    The vaccine has many side effects
    There are kids in the hospital now having seizures after vaccination and there have been many children hurt by this vaccine with brain inflammation auto immune disease and autism.

    Do we have to vaccinate for this?
    A: of course not

    2. Your second claim
    Most pediatricians do not do any of their own research on vaccines. I spoke to one of the biggest very well know pediatricians and he said “i do not do any of my own research on vaccines, i rely on the cdc and aap”
    By doing research i mean reading alot of the actual studies on vaccine safety and efficacy
    Researching the diseases we vaccinate for
    Most of them rely on what they learned in med school, which is not much at all on the subject of vaccines
    Vaccines are safe amd effective is what is drilled into their heads
    And the vaccine schedule
    The doctors that actually do the research and look at the studies that show safety and efficacy are not so impressed to put it mildly
    There are many like that
    You have to look for them because they are hiding- they dont come out publicly and say so lest they lose their license and practice

    3. Yes most if the community does think that everyone should get their mmr because of the scare tactics used by some well meaning individuals that if we dont take vaccines we will all die
    And also if you get measles you have a pretty good chance of dying
    Does no one see that
    A. Measles has not spread all that much in lakewood?
    B. Measles is not that scary? Or dangerous?

    The worst part out of this whole story is that when someone gets vaccinated and has a reaction whether mild or severe they are told by the doctor that it is not related to the shot!!!
    Even though what happened to the child is listed right there on the insert as a side effect
    But the doctor doesnt read the insert and the patient certainly doesnt get to see the insert chas veshalom

  7. Dear Deb,

    You make some interesting points, BUT A) I don’t think they are all remotely accurate.
    B) perhaps more importantly, when a conclusion is reached, in this case by 1. Gedolim 2. The medical world 3. The community at large, often EVEN IF one can question the process to the conclusion it doesn’t change the end result.

    • What you’re saying makes no sense. If the way the conclusion was reached is based on false information it doesn’t matter what the end result as it matters what the truth is and we do have a very big gadol on our side and plenty of rabonim.
      People like to blame their stance on their wives but like you say if we’re going to go with your premise that it doesn’t matter how they reach the conclusion we can say the same thing about them they reach their conclusion however they did but it’s the end result that counts so you can have it both ways you can either say they reached a conclusion in a non-truthful manner and therefore the conclusion is wrong or you can say that it doesn’t matter how they reach the conclusion but their conclusion is correct because they are a gadol. You cant have it both ways

      The bottom line is that the only way to reach a real conclusion is by studying a large group of vaccinated children and a large group of completely unvaccinated children and comparing health outcomes total and complete health outcomes.

      When a child has seizures on the table in the doctors office immediately after vaccination and the doctor says it is not related then we know we have a problem here and that is indeed what happened in one particular case that I know about.
      This happens all over the lakewood and all over monsey and Brooklyn and the entire usa
      That is the missing link in this entire story

      • I forgot to add that we need the study of unvaccinated children versus vaccinated children complete health outcomes. We know this study has never been done and we also know that they will never do it do you ever wonder why they will not do it? I think that is the answer to this whole question because they know what the outcome will be. And that will be the downfall of the entire vaccination program is

    • You bring your proof from “greater good movie”? Is this your best shot or last resort?

      There is no way to verify that this information is true and that the website is not some bad Hollywood flick.

      Any medicine can be bad for your health, just read any insert from any aspirin brand. The same applies with vaccinations.

  8. Deb,
    of course it matters HOW they reach their conclusion. Point is they know what you know- and more, and they STILL reached their conclusion.

    Just because YOU don’t know the answers that doesn’t change the psak.

    Even if you supposedly have a big gadol on your side, he is a daas yachid. And the FACT is the other supposed rabbonim pale in stature AND number to the others

    • “Point is they know what you know and more”
      How is that possible?
      Believe me they are not reading thru vaccine safety studies to come to a psak
      They are listening to whoever is asking the question and with whatever data they are presented with

      The whole difference of the das yachid and those that pale in comparison to the gedolai hador is that they did their own research and did not rely on the info that the presenter gave them.

      To me that is no comparison at all

      This issue is so large and so complex and has so many pieces to put together that it is virtually impossible to come to any conclusion without doing hundreds of hours of reading researching studying etc

      Like i said before the pediatricians do not do that kind of research.
      And you dont have to be a doctor or a scientist to read the pub med studies
      You have to learn how to read a study and then you can basically understand them pretty well.
      But it is long and tedious
      Picking apart different pieces of the puzzle

      Bottom line- it is not a simple business


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