Israeli Taxi App Gett Sued For Allegedly Giving Option To Avoid Arab Drivers


Israeli taxi service Gett is being sued for $150 million shekels by human rights lawyers for allegedly offering a discriminatory service that gives users an option to filter out Arab drivers, The Guardian reported Friday.

The Yerushalayim-based “Mehadrin” service offered through the Gett app offers users the choice to order a taxi guaranteed to not be driven on Shabbos. Many Arab Muslim and Christian drivers often work during Shabbos, however, Gett says that any driver is able to meet the service standards, regardless of their religion.

Asaf Pink, a lawyer working on the case was cited by The Guardian as saying, “They give it a religious title. But, in fact, this is a proxy for a racist service that provides taxis with Jewish drivers,” adding, “Of course, they can’t just say ‘we don’t want Arabs’.”

During an investigatiove meeting, two people disguised as aspiring drivers met Gett’s Yerushalayim representative, Herzl Moshe, who was recorded saying, “Gett Mehadrin is not for religious [Jews]. It is for people who don’t want an Arab driver. When my daughter wants to travel, I order her a Gett Mehadrin. She doesn’t care if the driver is religious or not because what she wants is a Jewish driver.”

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  1. Wow. So does that mean males can now sue for 150 million shekel when filters allow females to filter out male drivers? That is quite a bit more obvious and open than the fake claims made by these human-wrongs lawyers, seeing as nothing is stopping any driver from taking the legal holiday off, and further, nothing is stopping Jews from driving on Saturday.

  2. Every normal person would help his brother first – AND THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE ACCORDING TO HALACHAH – whether patronizing his store, buying goods specifically from him or using his taxi service. They have the right to forward all Jews to their own brothers. Arabs would do the same. They’d get killed if they’re sell their houses to Jews. However, Israel’s anti-Jewish anti-Torah pro-Arab judges would only charge Jews.

  3. I wouldn’t want a ticking time bomb arab terrorist driving me around. He could explode and stab me or literally explode while driving. No way!! I would like to die on my own terms!


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