It’s Official: Ted Cruz Mathematically Eliminated From GOP Race

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As of today, April 27, Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning the Republican nomination outright.

On April 2nd, THE GATEWAY PUNDIT predicted that Donald Trump would have 953 delegates as of yesterday (needing only 284 delegates for the nomination) and that Cruz would have 550 delegates as of yesterday (needing 687 to win the nomination).

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT also predicted that only 634 delegates would remain and therefore Cruz would need more delegates than would be available.

It is clear that Cruz was eliminated last night.

It is not clear yet on how devastating the final numbers will be for Cruz.

After winning all five primaries last night —  Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania — Trump has 949 delegates so far. Ted Cruz finished third in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.

There are fewer delegates remaining than THE GATEWAY PUNDIT originally projected because the delegates in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota were allocated in shady voter-less elections after April 2nd.


After last night’s primaries, Cruz has 559 delegates. He did not win a single delegate last night.

Cruz needs 678 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates.

There are only 651 available.

It’s over.

Here is the updated chart with last night’s results.
cruz done




  1. For awhile now, Cruz’s approach has been to stop Trump from getting 1,237. It has not been for him to get the nomination before te convention. This whole story doesn’t really matter. What does matter though is that Trump got so many of those delegates. I feel like those screaming about Hitler before World War II and no one would listen.

  2. And we should assume Trump’s the nominee now? Just because someone may hold his or her nose in Nov. to vote for him doesn’t mean we should now.


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