Joey Chestnut Downs Record 75 Wieners In Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Victory

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Joey Chestnut repeated as men’s champ at Nathan’s Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest Saturday in Coney Island, gobbling a record 75 wieners and buns in 10 minutes en route to an astounding 13th Mustard Yellow Belt.

Chestnut, 36, whose powerful chops earned him the nickname “Jaws,” turned candy apple red as he shoved dog after dog in his mouth, gorging at a blistering pace — at one point clearing 10 meat sticks and buns a minute as he shattered his 2018 record of 74.

As time was called, a sweaty Chestnut stood up, walked over to a microphone, and patted his gut.

“There is still room,” he declared.

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  1. Why is this on Matzav a frum news outlet??? This is an act of CHAYOS who act with extreme Gashmius cravings , and certainly does not belong in a frum site!!!


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