‘Lawyers for Trump’ Gear Up for Contested Election

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Bracing for a contested vote tally, particularly amid a wave of mail-in ballots amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the Trump campaign is forming “Lawyers for Trump” to volunteer in the fight to “protect the integrity” of the November election.

“Democrats are working to shred election integrity measures one state at a time, and there’s no question they’ll continue their shenanigans from now to November and beyond,” Campaign General Counsel Matthew Morgan told Fox News. “The Trump campaign is fighting to ensure every valid ballot across America counts — once.”

The Lawyers for Trump coalition is urging active and retired attorneys and law students to volunteer nationwide, and Morgan says it is expanding “daily” and “will rally support for President Trump as they lend their time and legal expertise to protect the integrity of November’s election.”

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  1. The strategy espoused by Pelosi is deceptively simple. If the DNC can drag out the election results (which is what Pelosi is clearly calling for) until noon 20 January 2021, then the Speaker of the House (that is Pelosi herself) automatically takes on the duties of President.


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