Lazio Poses Questions to Cuomo About Ground Zero Mosque


lazioNew York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio sent a letter to his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, the state attorney general, asking him to investigate the Islamic group which wants to build amosque near Ground Zero.Lazio says the proposed mosque has brought about public safety concerns, and the suggestions from Lazio are clear–that the group isn’t really a charity and that it may have ties to alleged terrorists.

In the letter to Cuomo, Lazio cites one source for all his information: The New York Post.

Here’s Lazio’s letter:

July 7, 2010

The Honorable Andrew Cuomo
Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341

Dear Attorney General Cuomo,

I am writing on behalf of the people of New York who share my concerns for their personal security and safety with respect to the construction of the Cordoba Mosque in lower Manhattan. Recent press reports have highlighted the following troublesome issues:

• The Imam in charge of the construction refused to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization. (New York Post, 6/19/10)

• The Imam of the project is a “key figure” of Perdana Global, the single largest funder of the flotilla that tried to break the blockade of Gaza by Israeli defense forces. (New York Post, 6/5/10)

• The questionable background of the funding sources for the construction of the Mosque. (New York Post, 5/25/10)

Given that the Cordoba Initiative is a legally registered charitable organization with the New York Attorney General’s Office, my fellow New Yorkers and I are asking you to immediately conduct a thorough investigation of the previous items highlighted by the media with respect to the construction of this Mosque in lower Manhattan. The people have the right to know if this “charity” is using its resources in a legitimate, legal, and charitable way.

New Yorkers were shocked and appalled at the silence of our state law enforcement officials when the Obama Administration decided to stage a civilian trial of admitted terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in lower Manhattan. We hope that we can depend on our state officials for more competent leadership with respect to this extremely sensitive matter.

I and the people of New York await your rapid and full response.


Rick Lazio

{ Newscenter}


  1. Lazio is not the answer. He can’t be trusted. He is very Liberal on the social issues. He is Pro choice & pro hashchasa.

  2. What a stupidity: to allow anything Moslem to be built upon a site where so many people lost their lives. Something is very wrong in this country.


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