Litzman Calls on Israelis Not to Eat at McDonald’s

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Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman called on Israelis not to eat at McDonald’s during a conference on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, where he promoted the Health Ministry’s healthy eating campaign. “We need to educate our children not to eat junk food,” he said, YNET REPORTS.

“I know that they will criticize me behind my back,” he said. “We must not consume so much candy. That’s true for diabetes and true for heart health. We are going to focus on prevention (of illness) this year.”

McDonald’s responded to Litzman’s statements, saying, “It is troubling for us that Health Minister Litzman and other ministerial leaders are seeking headlines and have not internalized the health revolution that McDonalds Israel has underwent, which won the acclaim of nutritionists and health professionals. McDonalds Israel is the healthiest chain of fast food restaurants in Israel.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. Hold the Mayo! This is a major undertaking for the future of Religion. If McDonalds which I understand to be kosher in Israel must be avoided, it must be really terrible.

    Still, 8 Latkes for Hannukah might be worse. I can tell you I would probably go there if I was in Israel and it was kosher. Just to try the water too.



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