Marriot International Manager Disparages Kosher Food

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Speaking to Israel’s TheMarker magazine, Guy Heksch, Senior Director of Global Food and Beverage Design and Development for Marriott International, the person responsible for developing its restaurants and bars, made a disparaging remark which would, if implemented, have a negative effect on Israel’s kashrus landscape.

“I would be happy to open a restaurant bar in a hotel in southern Tel Aviv in a place that’s not too fancy, but it shouldn’t be kosher,” said the former Israeli. “It greatly disturbs me that hotels in Israel are kosher. There’s no room for this nowadays if we want to be a tourist attraction. We don’t need to put pork on the table, but the place must still offer full service to its guests.”

{David Steger – Israel}


  1. Imagine a similar scenario in some Arabic country:
    “It greatly disturbs me that hotels in ______ don’t allow wine and pork. There’s no room for this nowadays if we want to be a tourist attraction. We must offer full service to our guests, who hail from all parts of the world.”

  2. Who cares about what some idiot that works for the Marriott has to say. He clearly is not qualified for his position. It’s all about making the most money/profit. If he doesn’t serve Kosher, they will lose costumers, hence lose money, hence, lose his job. Let this self hating Jew take the fall.

  3. Somehow all the other countries figured out how to have good kosher food. Including Israel. What we need is not less kosher food in Israel, we need fewer fools. I think that’s the real problem. And what does he mean “if we want to be a tourist attraction?” Isn’t tourism in Israel going through the roof?

  4. I have a solution don’t go to the Marriot Hotel. There happens to be more hotels in Israel that serve the proper food than those who think they are above it all. When guest register is only slightly full they will get the message.


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