‘Master’ Bedroom Name To Change Due To Overarching Theme

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The Houston Association of Realtors, commonly know as HAR, has made changes to its room descriptions on its online property database, replacing the term “master” with “primary.”

Master bedroom and master bathroom will now say primary bedroom and primary bath.

“Some of these changes are simply good faith exercises to demonstrate awareness of historic improprieties or inequities,” said Associate Prof. of Business at the University of Houston – Downtown Dietrich von Biedenfeld.

“Particularly in the south, we’ve had master slave culture. So, on a plantation, you would have a master of that domain who would then exercise control and dominance over enslaved or indentured servants, and so historically, to say that the master lives in a certain place, then it’s sort of creates a tone that minorities are excluded.”

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  1. When I heard they wanted to change chess from “black & white” I thought I’ve heard everything. But if I thought that was stupid, this is stupid min hastupid!!!

  2. I’m sorry but don’t blacks live in master bedrooms as welll?? I think the lockdown has had a real long lasting effect on some of these politicians’ minds!!!!!

  3. that is why Obama promised:” CHANGE< CHANGE< CHANGE" in his campaign" !!!!

    Some changes needed imidietly :


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    Whitestone , New York.. In Queens, New york
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    In the sentence:
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      And regarding the super famous Walt Disney 1937 animated screen-play “Snow WHITE and the Seven Dwarfs,” will the super-hyper-leftest-Toeiva-supporting-liberals who now run the Disney corporation decide they have to change Snow White’s name too???????

  4. today, there is no longer a reason to call a bedroom the master bedroom. if said couple really are the parents of the children in the house, who gave these old folk the right to tell the kids how to behave. how dare any old folk think they have the right or the intelligence to be master over anyone or anything. considering oneself a parent, with all the rights and responsibilities that title requires, is probably considered recism

  5. This is all part of the dumbing down of America. The average overweight TV watching American schlub, couch potato, is so brain dead at this point they just accept whatever the “reporter” is throwing at them. Every sitcom has been sanitized to be all inclusive of toeivah. The only people one is still allowed to poke fun of and portrayed as stupid, is the good old fashioned WHITE normal male. Everyone/everything else is off limits and racist if they even suggest something negative. “Hey honey, what’s on channel 6?” “Is the casserole ready”? Millions of brainwashed sheeple stumbling around the streets of this once great nation. These are the voters we are going against. Everyday the media pushes the new normal yard stick further down our throats.

  6. And, of course, no more ‘white’, ‘whitening’, or ‘whitener’ in association with anything clean, pure or the detestable like…

  7. People have totally lost their minds and have no common sense. Thanks to the dumbing down of our education system from kindergarten thru college we now have several generations who can’t think for themselves, are totally dependent on their electronic devices, have no original thoughts , no work ethic and can’t figure out any complex problems for themselves.

  8. a harbe shaila was clared if:

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    The name snow “”WHITE”” and the 7 dwarfs
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    • Visa is really a code word in German for whites (ווייסע) and is really a racist German (Nazi!!!!) term instituted by bankers who believe that whites have higher credit scores!
      We cannot stand for this RACISM!
      Visa bank accounts? Don’t matter!!!
      Shvartze Bank Accounts Matter!!!!


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