Measles Innoculation For 350 Tosh Kids


Canada’s Tosh kehillah near Montreal vaccinated 350 of its children against measles after five cases of the disease were confirmed there this summer, the first cases in the region since 2011.

Unvaccinated children are to be barred from the community’s schools until the outbreak is contained.

Before these vaccinations, around 95 percent of Tosh’s 500 families had their children vaccinated, similar to the average rate for North America, and no one knows how the infection spread.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Measles innoculation for 350 Tosher Sheeple while the rich, the educated, Deep State / Cabal do NOT inject their children with fatal ineffective MMR vaccination.

  2. Lets do the maths. 95% of 500 is 475. So that means that the remaining 25 families vaccinated their 350 children. 14 children per family. Small children, presumably. Just a little far-fetched, wouldn’t you say?


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