Meoros Bais Yaakov to Pay Tribute to Reb Beinish Mandel zt”l

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Dear Friend,

When contemplating the recent loss within our family, the untimely Petirah of our dear father, R’ Avraham Beinish Mandel zt”l, it is difficult to comprehend the severity of the void he leaves behind.  He was a man of dignity, an upstanding member of the klal and a dedicated member of Hatzolah. The paradigm of a ba’al chesed and the quintessential ba’al midos are amongst the many other shining attributes that depict our father, zt”l.

Aside from his involvement in the community at large, R Benish zt”l’s deep commitment towards chinuch knew no bounds. Whoever was zoche to watch him bentch the children and einiklach on Friday nights were moved. Despite the very large Mandel family, he had an individual message, bracha and chein for all 13 of us. The same is true regarding his hakaros hatov that he had for Meoros Bais Yaakov upon opening its doors for his granddaughter and providing her with a sterling education in a warm and loving environment. He shared a close kesher with the school and was constantly available to assist in every possible way.

Meoros Bais Yaakov will be perpetuating the legacy of our dear father R’ Beinish zt”l at their upcoming 3rd anniversary dinner which is to take place on Monday, 24 Shevat/February 20th at Ateres Chana Hall. It is at this auspicious time, that we turn to you to join us in displaying our Hakaras Hatov to Meoros Bais Yaakov for all they have done and continue to do for our daughter. By attending the dinner and donating generously in memory of our father zt”l, it is the opportune way to garner zechusim for his neshama while bringing an immense measure of nechama to our mishpacha.





  1. Meoros is a great school . It’s headed by Rabbi AY Landau. It’s really befitting to Reb Benish memory to honored by such a choshivr mosad. Anyone who could should support this well deserved cause in Reb Benish memory.


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