Michael Bloomberg Heads To Iowa: ‘I Have A Lot Of Experience Which Would Be Useful If I Was President’

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Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday during a visit to Iowa said he has “a lot of experience” that would come in handy if he was elected president.

“I do think that after 12 years in City Hall, dealing with international problems and security problems and economic problems and creating jobs and the environment and guns and women’s rights and tobacco and these things, that I have a lot of experience which would be useful if I was president of the United States,” Bloomberg told CNN.

Bloomberg travelled to Iowa last week as well and has said he will decide if he will run in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries by early next year.

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  1. Mike Bloomberg only became mayor because his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, was barred by a term limits law from running for a third term. This term limits law was relatively new and had been campaigned for by Ron Lauder, an ultra-rich individual who had wanted to become mayor himself but was a sore-loser after being defeated in a landslide. After serving two terms of his own, Bloomberg, together with Ron Lauder (his rich crony), had the law changed to allow Bloomberg to serve a third term. Once Bloomberg completed his third term they had the law changed back so no one else could serve more than two terms.
    It must be nice to be able to change the laws restricting power so they don’t apply to you. Wonder what Bloomberg would change if he ever was elected president?

    • Because these wealthy elitists live in their ivory tower. They are completely cut off from the average hard working, taxpaying peasant. They have a disdain for the lowly common citizen. These elitists are above the law. As Leona Helmsley famously said, we don’t pay taxes. Taxes are for little people. Nanny Bl$$mberg is a carbon copy of her.

  2. Lot of experience shagging a third term. He’ll needs a fifth term to be the first Centenarian in the W—- House. R”L.


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