NYS Department Of Education Finally Apologizes For Prejudiced Political Cartoon Against Jews On Global Studies Regents Exam

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New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) applauded the NYS Department of Education for finally issuing an apology after this year’s Global Studies Regents examination featured a prejudiced political cartoon portraying Jewish soldiers in a disgusting and demeaning fashion.

“After a week and half, the NYS Department of Education finally apologized for this heinous political cartoon. Better late than never,” said Hikind. “How a cartoon like this was approved in the first place is beyond my comprehension. I hope that our educators will be more sensitive in the future and use common sense in selecting appropriate cartoons.”

Last week, Assemblyman Hikind called into question how the Board of Regents could approve such a disgusting cartoon. “Who is responsible for allowing this incredibly biased, anti-Israel propaganda to be part of a Global Studies Regents exam,” asked Hikind.

“I applaud the American Jewish Congress for organizing a petition demanding an apology from Chancellor Betty A. Rosa. We must never remain silent when faced with any form of prejudice, especially when this prejudice is disseminated to young impressionable minds. This behavior cannot and should not be tolerated,” said Hikind.



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