Obama: NY Times Readers, Fox News Viewers Live In ‘An Entirely Different Reality’

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Former President Obama said late Tuesday that the current media environment no longer allows Americans “to agree on a common set of facts,” adding that Fox News viewers and New York Times readers live in “an entirely different reality” from each other.

“In 1981, your news cycle was still governed by the stories that were going to be filed by the AP, Washington Post, maybe New York Times, and the three broadcast stations,” Obama said at an event marking the 25th anniversary of Rice University’s Baker Institute in Houston. “Whether people got their news from Walter Cronkite or David Brinkley, they tended to agree on a common set of facts. That set a baseline around which both parties had to adapt and respond to.”

“By the time I take office,” Obama continued, “what you increasingly have is a media environment in which, if you are a Fox News viewer, you have an entirely different reality than if you are a New York Times reader.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. While AP news, Washington Post, New York Times and the other mainstream media read the exact same completely fake news script word for word most of the time (according to Ben Swann, an ex-mainstream media journalist) which only morons believe, Fox News is almost no less fake news than the rest of them.

  2. he’s 100% right!!!!!
    we live in a reality that says the truth and obama and all his cronies are living in a world full of lies and misrepresentation and destruction

  3. He is absolutely right – distortion and sheker abounds from all sides and perspectives. I too have my biases, but don’t want to be fed news with any slant, although if getting spun news anyway, I’d rather it be slanted toward my viewpoint.
    Unfortunately, I can’t think of any media outlet that just gives it to you straight, sans left-wing OR right-wing viewpoints. Too bad.

  4. Oh well. Thanx for the kind words, Barry. You hurt my feelings so I’ll just enter my safe space and hopefully I’ll recover real soon because I don’t want to miss Maariv.

  5. So says the man, who governed 57 US states, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for being black and not incarcerated, and who wants people to believe that Kenya is somewhere in Hawaii.


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