Pediatrician Says It’s ‘OK’ For Babies To Get MMR Vaccine Early

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Although children are not scheduled to get their first measles vaccine until they are a year old, doctors have begun recommending parents give it to their children sooner due to the recent spread of the disease, with some doctors giving the OK for children as young as six months old.

“There’s no dangers in getting the shot early,” Dr. Kevin Ellis, a pediatrician at Huntsville Pediatric Associates, said.

However, the child would still be susceptible to all the vaccine’s side-effects. Dr. Ellis says the first measles vaccine is normally given to children at 12 months because they are old enough to build up strong immunity.

“If a child got a shot early between 6 and 12 months their titers would go up pretty up. It’s debatable whether it would go up as well as a child at one year old, but they would be able to mount some defense. They would still need that booster at four or five years of age. And so, you’re pretty well protected after your first shot,” he said. “Even getting a shot a little bit early is great protection from measles and will get pretty high titers.”

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  1. “There’s no dangers in getting the shot early,”
    that’s quite an incredible statement to make being that there is zero data to back such a statement up.

  2. Isn’t it time to expose the measles scam and explain to the ignoramus how it’s much easier for children to get over with this mild childhood disease and be immune for life than vaccination shots every 3 years throughout ones life to be protected?

    • To clarify your uneducated post! I’ve had the measels mumps and rubella amongst other childhood illnesses as vaccines were not available when i was young. However! I AM NOT IMMUNE NOW! I can still catch it and have shingles or worse.
      Btw, i have a child who was diagnosed with autism way b4 his mmr shot. So forget bogus research! And anti vaxxer propoganda

      • If you were not vaccinated and indeed had the measles, you are immune for life and you cannot catch it. You can see clearly that not one person born before the vaccination came out is getting measles today. Don’t let your doctor fool you with their lies.
        Could be you child was diagnosed with autism before the MMR shot – a rare case indeed – but the fact is according to studies most autism cases are caused by vaccination.

      • you definitely cannot catch measles now if you had it as a child.
        natural measles gives you lifetime immunity.
        that is a fact
        vaccine immunity does not give lifetime immunity at all.
        shingles is a new illness. it started to come around when they started vaccinating for chicken pox.
        adults exposed to chicken pox on a regular basis (the way nature / Hashem intended) keep their immunity active and do NOT contract shingles
        adults who are not exposed to chicken pox on a regular basis (not the way Hashem intended) have the dormant chicken pox virus in their body and CAN contract shingles
        vaccinated people can also get shingles
        so now we have a shingles shot. YAY!!
        mmr shots persay don’t necessarily cause autism. dtap vaccine can cause it too.
        dtap is given at 2 months 4 month and six months
        fact is that NO studies have been done showing that vaccines don’t cause autism
        they have only done some studies on MMR vaccine.
        dtap has never been studied in correlation to autism
        hep b has never been studies in correlation to autism
        nor have any of the other vaccines been studied.
        please check this out yourself before you dismiss my statement.

  3. Nuuu?

    Anti-Vaxxers, Whaddya say? Lemme hear some wacko, far-fetched, conspiracy, money-hungry, Big-Pharma controlled reason. Go Ahead!

    • Okay, go-ahead. Inject your newborn with dangerous toxins and poisons before his bris. Let’s see how he fairs. What an idiot. You probably are one of those types that would leave their infant in a car all alone in the heat. (See above story)

      • You’re one of those loonies that proudly proclaim that measles is not dangerous! Not only are you a fool, you’re a Rasha first class!
        You say that vaccines are harmful, but you only have wacko websites to prove it!
        It’s enough that you or other members of your household can die of deadly diseases, but to inflict them onto others? How low can you go!

        • Back when I was growing up, TV told a lot more truth than it does today. It’s gotten worse and worse as the decades rolled by. In this great video above, you’ll see many TV shows from the Flintstones to the Brady Bunch and others where Measles was joked about and was NOT a big deal at all! In fact, it was just a part of growing up. Your body learned how to destroy the Measles quickly and that was it! Enter today’s reality where you have Fox News and the rest of the paid liars on TV telling you to get your vaccines and Measles is a very big deal indeed! They spread FEAR and they tell you it’s so SCARY and you must RUN to get your Measles vaccine immediately. Even our President is telling people to get the vaccines. Did Trump hit his head or have they drugged him? Because I know Trump knows a lot more about vaccines than he’s telling. Trump called out the Flu Vaccine as a TOTAL HOAX!

  4. Can Dr. Ellis explain why he feels the vaccine is safe when the vaccine manufacturer says that the mumps and rubella parts of the vaccines have not been tested for safety (or efficacy) in babies under 12 months of age?
    Would we give a child any other medication if the bottle says it has not been tested for safety at a certain age?
    Thank you.

    • I would certainly consider it if there was a measles epidemic going around. Measles for sure has risks.

  5. remember, more children died in one day in Lakewood by being left in a hot car ר”ל than the amount of children that died during the entire outbreak…

    • If you mean died from measles in Lakewood, then perhaps that could be determined from records. But I don’t see how it would be relevant. In any case, maybe the low number of measles deaths is because expensive medical resources were diverted from other patients to treat the measles patients, and other patients suffered the consequences and, though in such cases we cannot know for sure, lead to deaths that would not have happened had those resources been available.

  6. Seriously??!! Let the anti-vaxxers vaccinate their ten year olds so we don’t have to vaccinate our tiny newborns. Thank you for being considerate

    • Where are your brains? Why are you still getting the measles if you’ve vaccinated? Shouldn’t you be protected for life? Don’t you see that these vaccinations are a scam?
      Had you been immune for life by having gotten the actual measles, your tiny newborns would have been immune too (until about 2). Blame yourself for your stupidity. We don’t have to inject our children with dangerous INEFFECTIVE substances to save YOUR newborn.

  7. He got his minute of fame, now what?
    Don’t risk your child’s life based on one doctor seeking some limelight.

  8. I would ilke to comment about another vaccine because it relates to all vaccines.
    Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, is also promoted by most pediatricians.
    This vaccine was tested against a group that got aluminum injections (an ingredient in the vaccine), not a true placebo.

    In this article, “French cancer surgeon: Statistics show HPV Gardasil vaccine linked to increased cervical cancer rates after years of decline due to Pap smears,” it states: In all countries that achieved high HPV vaccination coverage, official cancer registries show an increase in the incidence of invasive cervical cancer.”

    These are the kinds of facts that trouble some parents when it comes to vaccines. The science is not settled. More and proper safety studies should be done before vaccines are approved and injected into children. Whoever heard of a medicine that is not tested against a true placebo as opposed to an ingredient in the medicine?? Whoever heard of a medicine where you cannot sue the manufacturer, as is the case with vaccines??


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