Photos: Woodbourne Shul Opens for Summer Season 5779

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    • You put the shtreimel in
      You take the shtreimel out
      You put the shtreimel on
      And you shukel zich about
      The cholent’s okay-dokey and the kigel’s nice and browned
      That’s what it’s all about

      • P.S.
        This is intended to give a chuckle as a humorous response to “How does the shtreimel gemach work?” I hope nobody took it as letzonus toward the shul or its rov, c”v.
        The amount of tireless work that Rabbi Jungreis has put in for years making his shul a warm, welcoming makom tefila and bais medrash is incredible and the amount of kiruv his approach has accomplished is enormous. May he continue doing so for many more years.


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