‘Pocket Constitution’ Sales Soar After Khan-Trump Feud

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Sales of the so-called pocket version of the U.S. Constitution have reportedly soared following the DNC speech of Muslim-American lawyer and “Gold Star” father Khizr Khan, and his subsequent public feud with Donald Trump.

A 52-page booklet, titled Pocket Constitution, is the No. 2 best-selling book on Amazon on Monday morning, charting just behind the new Harry Potter novel. The $1 pamphlet was printed by the National Center for Constitutional Studies—a religious conservative organization founded by the late Mormon writer W. Cleon Skousen—and does not appear to be the same booklet Khan held up during his speech criticizing Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants. As of Monday morning, the booklet was also the No. 1 seller inU.S. History books. Read more at THE GUARDIAN.

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  1. Liberty is always knowing what is very important. This is a good story but sad to think so guilty.

    Will Trump do what the others are doing and visit the grave of the fallen soldier of Mr. Khan’s family in Arlington? That might be touching at some thought perhaps. I think he will not. I was taken by the fact that a number of Americans are now visiting the grave. Good public feeling story for the year now.

    The constitution should be read. If you want your kid to grow up well, have him carry it with him in his pocket when he turns 15. He might avoid many problems in America until he knows it well. Probably smart.

    • Who says it will still be worth something when your children get older?
      Ruth Bader Ginsburg recommends to new countries that they should NOT COPY the
      U.S. Constitution


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