Rav Edelstein’s Bracha For Marrying Off Children



Rivka*’s husband dealt with mental health issues for many years before he committed suicide. She was left behind with eight beautiful children. She works long hours, often late into the night, to support them. Now the oldest kids wants to get married, but she has nothing to give them. What will be with their futures?

Rav Gershon Edelstein shlit”a,  one of the greatest Torah scholars of our generation, has taken personal responsibility for 20 young people who are living in desperation.

20 young orphans who are engaged to be married have been selected by Kupat Ha’Ir as especially needy. Rav Edelstein, together with Kupat Ha’Ir, has issued a powerful statement on their behalf: Help them get married and, midah k’neged midah, donors should b’ezras Hashem marry off their children without difficulty. In today’s world, this is a massive bracha.

The monthly orphan wedding campaign’s reputation precedes it: Each month gedolim have come out in support of the fund, and have volunteered their time for the cause.

In the meantime, 20 young people are struggling to make it from day to day, waiting to see if enough will be raised for them to receive help.

*Details have reportedly been changed to conceal the identities of the orphans. Each of their stories is a unique patchwork of grief. Together, we can turn some of that grief to hope.



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