Religious-Girls’ Enlistment in IDF Doubles

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The Knesset Information and Research Center reported that the number of religious-Zionist girls enlisting in the IDF more than doubled from 935 draftees in 2010 to 2,159 draftees in 2015. This was despite the growing opposition to their enlisting from many leading religious-Zionist rabbonim.

Recently, Rav Yigal Levinstein, head of the Bnei David military preparatory yeshiva in the West Bank town of Eli, complained vehemently against the trend and was forced to resign after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to cut accreditation from his institution.

9% of the religious female draftees joined combat units (versus 7% of the general population) and 12% completed advanced officer training (compared to 8% of the general populace).

{ Israel News}


  1. Nothing to panic about. They’re not talking about chareidim. “Religious” girls enlistment is referring to Daati Leumi / Religious Zionists who are Zionists first and then Jewish.

    • How dare you accuse them of being jewish second! Despicable. It’s funny when people attack Zionist. it’s nice visiting the Kosel? If you wanted to move to eretz yisroel if Israel didn’t exist you think the Arabs would let you? Just get over it already the Zionists were succesful! Would you rather them not be successful? So better the Mearas Hamachpela should be in arab hands? The Kosel? So tell me how many Arab countries can Jews visit safely? You think a Palistinain State would be different?

      • Actually, the Old Yishuv was building EY fine before the Zionists came along and ruined things. They are jewish second because it’s against halacha for girls to be in the army. They should be putting halacha before zionism.

        • What halacha are they inherently breaking by defending their communities? Besides in your magical fairy thinking you think all chilonim descend from the “newcomers” and all chaireidim descend from the old yishuv?

  2. Avigdor Lieberman has proven himself to be a RASHA Mirusha, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years. It’s too bad he got out of Russia. They should of thrown him him the gulags.

    • “should of thrown him him the gulags” 1) should HAVE thrown him INTO the gulags, 2) gulags were gone before Liberman was born , 3) it does take a rasha to wish the Soviet gulags or the nazi death camps onto another Yid.


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