Riots Turn Antisemitic: Looters Graffiti Threatening Message Of Hate



  1. This reminds me of the rambams mashul of a minister who trained a cat to act like a butler and wait on people. Stand on 2 legs, with a tux, holding a tray, you get the picture. Meanwhile another minister came with a mouse in his pocket and released it while the cat was performing his “act.” Of course the cat, reverting to his animalistic insticsts, immediately dropped the charade and began chasing the mouse around the room.
    Vehamaivin yavin.

      • pointless pontification, potentially pertinent, perplexes people.
        in other words, he has a good point, why the need to lecture?

  2. Rabbosi, keep in mind, these “people” did not vote for President Trump. They voted for Hillary and they will clearly be voting for Biden. How any self-respecting Yid can vote for a Democrat is beyond me. Do you want to associate yourself with these subhuman rioters and looters?! Even if you’ve voted Democrat in the past because your heiligeh Zaideh did, it’s time to rethink that terrible mehalech.

    • While a good point you make,
      let me give my take,
      For extremes on either side,
      leave you on the wrong side of the divide.
      While amalek of the left,
      leaves many now bereft,
      the pilishtim on the right,
      never cease to pick a fight,
      To some blood is no thicker than water,
      that is of course, if its blood of a jew,
      For they will uproot all civil order
      Extremists from the left, but from the right too.
      (I’m not saying one should vote democrat, [i dont plan to], but we cant fool ourselves that violence and anarchy are unique to the left)

  3. Uh, not so much. It’s time to rethink that the Right is always right. Racism in America is as disgusting as racism in Israel – in fact, it is the basis for anti-semitism too

  4. Its basically the difference between anti-semitism born out of ignorance which is what we see on the far right, or
    this more virulent, targeted anti-semitic rhetoric that we see written on thee sign. The latter is much more dangerous because it its ideology has become activist whereas the former remains stifled by ignorance. There is no question that the radical left poses more imminent danger for the Jewish People.


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