FOR A BAS YISROEL: Rubashkin: Take My Zechusim, But Take the Girl in

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Two girls in Lakewood, New Jersey, who were unfortunately out of school have now been placed thanks to the influence of Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin.

A group of school administrators and principals had gathered to discuss the plight of these two girls. It was decided to hold a goral (draw lots) to determine which school would take in these girls. The attendees agreed to participate in the goral so long as all the other schools would participate as well.

It was at that moment that one of the representatives of a school received a phone call. The caller was none other than Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. Somehow, he had been informed of the proceedings and was asked to call.

Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, with his usual positivity, kindly asked the school administrator to take in one of the girls, stating that he would be willing to exchange any zechusim or s’char that he acquired through his yissurim and nisyonos over the past eight years during his imprisonment for the s’char of one Yiddishe girl being excepted into a Yiddishe school.

Moved by Reb Shalom Mordechai’s plea, the school representative immediately agreed to take the girl into his school, telling Reb Shalom Mordechai that he need not give away his merits in order for the girl to gain acceptance.

Subsequently, the rest of the schools agreed to participate in a goral to determine placement of the second girl.

Thus, within a few days of his release, Reb Shalom Mordechai’s shining example and his inspiration as an individual who lives with Hashem and by Hashem every moment pulled at the heartstrings of a school administrator to take a bas Yisroel into his institution.

Interestingly, a source close to the story told us that for many years, the wife of this school representative had been davening every day, during the bracha of Matir Assurim, for Reb Shalom Mordechai’s release.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of the “gorel admission” some girls needed in order to attend bais yaakov. I can certainly understand the reason for it and I hope that the identities of those admitted thru it are kept confidential, just as it’s nobody’s business which parents are getting a tuition break. C’v a girl should be publicly embarrassed.

  2. The caring of r shalom Mordechai is wonderful. Unfortunately, it is sad that such a situation had to happen where yiddeshe neshamos can’t get into a school and the mosdos have to have a goral. R a.y.l. shteinman was just nifter. He requested no articles, no asifos, yet they happen. One would assume that our gedolim are matir them in order to inspire us. He screamed “gaava” when asked about accepting certain children, yet we still deny our kinderlach a place. Nebach

  3. Years ago I attended a camp where Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky zatzal stayed during the summer. The entire dining room stood and remained standing for him from the time he entered until he reached his seat and sat down, despite his vigorously waving for people to sit beforehand. I can only theorize that giving kavod to a rav or gadol, even when he requests otherwise, isn’t necessarily wrong (perhaps along the lines of “rav shemochul al kvodo, ain k’vodo mochul”?)

    I agree with your points.

  4. Before the school bashing commences let’s take note of the facts: The two girls in question were accepted by two of Lakewood’s wonderful mosdos. Unfortunately, the parents remained steadfast in their wish that their daughter be accepted in their “first choice” school. They figured that by keeping their daughter out of school this long, the school would cave in to their demand.

    Instead of saying, “Sorry, you brought this on your own head”, the Roshei Yeshiva and mosdos heads have shown tremendous compassion for these girls (who nebach were born to such irresponsible parents) and got together to see what they could do to get these girls back in to a classroom.

    Yes, Rav Shteinman zt’l screamed about ga’avah. But in these cases it is the ga’avah of the parents and not the mosdos. Thanks to the Roshei Mosdos every girl is accepted before the school year in one or more of the local schools; a great improvement over the old days.

    We ought to give credit to the Roshei Mosdos who have rectified an untenable situation. The story about Mr Rubashkin is nonetheless heartwarming and it is hoped that he should continue to be a symbol of achdus and emunah uniting us for many years to come.

  5. Before you bash others please know the facts. Both girls had been accepted to several good frum schools. The parents chose to keep them home in order to get them into different schools that were full .No Rosh Yeshivas or,Rabonim chadhuvim agreed with what the parents did. So these girls had good frumBais Yaakov type schools ready to accept them ,but thrur parents wanted something rkse and krp them home .I dont see how that has to do with Gaavah if a school with 40 kids in a class says they are full and a school with 25 kids in a class is willing to take them eith open arms .

  6. First of all, why was this necessary? We need special calls to make sure our children go to school? It’s embarrassing.
    Second, can we stop with the SMR worship. I am just as happy as everyone else that the cruel sentence was shortened, but he was still guilty of crimes and should not be celebrated publicly like this. What kind of message are we sending to our children with this? Posting photos of empty liquor bottles. Nebach

  7. I know firsthand of a girl that was also “accepted to a school”. Guess what? That school wasn’t at or near the hashkafic level her family was on or near the derech that the parents had chosen for raising their family with mesirus although she was “accepted “, the choice wasn’t at all “acceptable “. At the end she had to go to school out of town, Interestingly enough she went to a school that even local people can’t get into as their standards are very high. I’m giving that info to show that she was a solid super frum hashkafically very sound and got accepted to a top mossad…so it wasn’t that she was bummy or came from a bad Lakewood she couldn’t get in because she didnt come from yichus, had no older sisters, and no big money. Bh she is thriving but how sad that she had to live away from home at the age of 14.

  8. They only drew the lots now because until now the parents were not willing to go to certain schools even if that school was drawn in the lot. Now after 4 months of sitting home ,the parents caved in and agreed to the lots. It happens to be that the lot was “won” by the school that agreed to take them 6 months ago.So the parent got nothing by waiting .

  9. So sad!!!
    This is what it came to..
    Only if someone is willing to put all in, does the administrator wake up..

    I’m sure many choshiv rabbonim made the call which were ignored..

    Oh well

  10. i think we are missing the point of the article. It is how R Rubashkin clearly cares
    about a girl he doesn’t even know to the point of giving his hard earned zechusim away.
    So appropriate, since so many people who dont know him took his story to heart in such
    a big way

  11. Keeping a child home from school because they couldn’t get into one of the elites, is a terrible show of kina kavod & taava.


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