Sanders And Buttigieg In Dead Heat With 100 Percent Of Iowa Caucus Results In

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Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat for first place in Iowa on Thursday with 100 percent of the caucus results in.

Buttigieg leads by a narrow margin with 26. 2 percent among Iowa State Delegate Equivalents, while Sanders is on his heels at 26.1 percent.

Buttigieg, receiving the news during a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Thursday evening, said it was “fantastic news to hear that we won.”

“I want to say that Senator Sanders had a great night too, and I want to congratulate him and his supporters,” the former mayor added.

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  1. he race is too close to call, but the late results trickling in appeared to be breaking in Sanders’s direction and there’s still a chance he could win both the popular vote and a plurality of delegates.
    Sanders’s allies believe he was deprived of valuable momentum he should have had coming out of Iowa.

  2. the Sanders campaign also declared victory during a press conference in Manchester on Thursday evening.

    “Tonight’s release of data by the Iowa Democratic Party confirms Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Iowa caucus,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign senior adviser, said in a statement.

    “We also feel confident that the discrepancies we’re providing tonight, in addition to those widely identified in the national media, mean that the SDE count will never be known with any kind of certainty. Given the rules changes we fought for that required the release of the popular vote count, SDEs are now an antiquated and meaningless metric for deciding the winner of the Iowa caucus.”

  3. ,
    אין בן דוד בא אלא בדור שכולו חייב
    the fact that that skunk from South Bend Has done so extraordinarily well in the American Heartland
    Everyone is rather complacent about this
    alarm !?
    his backers are allowing him to be as Centrist as he likes because they’re so desperate for him to make a showing and he’s so far left, so far evil, okay
    let him be a Maverick, let him be a moderate ,as far as they’re concerned for other issue
    and he’s pro-israel ,as he claims!?
    if these are our friends we’d better off sticking With the Arabs
    this deviant skunk,who was only successful in his position despite the high crime and everything else in middle of the heart of Indiana ,
    due to some real estate guys who Back Him sickos
    All should be truly frightened


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