Scientists Celebrate ‘Breakthrough’ Blood Test For Alzheimer’s

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An experimental blood test was highly accurate in detecting Alzheimer’s disease, scientists reported Tuesday — a promising breakthrough that could make diagnosis simple, affordable and widely available.

The test was able to determine whether people with dementia had Alzheimer’s instead of another condition, the New York Times reported. It also identified signs of Alzheimer’s 20 years before memory and thinking problems were expected in people with a genetic mutation that causes the degenerative, deadly disease, the outlet said.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Problem: what do we do with these people? To use the very understated words of the NYT, this will intensify emotional and ethical dilemmas.

  2. i agree with anonymous 7/29/2020 at 2:01 pm
    ok so whoop de doo now someone that’s going to have alzheimer’s disease is going to have the pleasure of knowing 20 years before that sooner or later, he/her is not going to recognise their spouse, kids, parents, close family, close friends, read, wont be able to talk normally, do the proper thing for themselves, or anything of the sort!!
    what an incredible scientific breakthrough!!! unless they have a cure it doesnt really matter


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