Sifrei Torah Stolen In Bnei Brak

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Mispallelim arriving at a Bnei Brak shul Tuesday morning discovered the Aron HaKodesh was broken into and four sifrei Torah were stolen. A fifth Sefer Torah had been thrown on the floor, along with a sefer nevi’im.

“We’re in shock, we don’t understand what happened here, we have no direction,” the gabbai told Kikar Shabbos. “It seems like the thieves knew where they were. They knew which scrolls they wanted, they left the not-so-nice old one, they left the sefer nevi’im on the floor. A thief who’s not familiar with it would have taken everything.”

Police are working to identify and locate the suspects.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. can this be the same group that vandalized other shuls in bnei brak? something more terrible than the nazis is happening. klal yisroel should be scared out of its wits. why arent we all crying, for these kids, for their families, for ourselves?

  2. Hamakom yemalei chesronum. Very sad. But please- instead of taking videos, pick up the sefer Shmuel that’s lying on the floor, and put the sefer Torah in a respectable place! I understand that they may need some photos/videos for evidence- which may help for the kibud of the other Sforim, but I didn’t see any sense of urgency in regards to the respect of the remaining Sforim. I hope that whatever was stolen makes it back b’karov.

  3. every day sifrei Torah are burned in the Jewish community and nobody cares. Jewish children thrown out like wet newspaper!


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