Special Water Pumps in Israel to Address Shabbos Concerns

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Israeli contractors have begun to install water pumps in tall buildings to help maintain pressure on upper floors. Since the pumps are activated whenever a faucet is opened, this makes it problematic to use them on Shabbos.

To overcome the problem, MK Yaakov Asher of UTJ introduced a bill which would enable residents of a building to arrange the installation of pumps that satisfy halacha without the written permission of all the building’s residents.

Similar legislation exists for the installation of Shabbos-friendly elevators and lighting in multi-resident buildings.

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  1. Yet in “IHYR-HATORAH” the Rabbonim are allowing all the house water meters to be used on shabbos, that register via electric all of the water usage.

    We are not!

    Rebbie, Rebbie find me a Heter, Not the Baltimore or Neitra Heteirim.


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