Strong Public Support In France For Burqa Ban

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burqa1A report drafted by French parliamentarians will this week call for a ban on Afghan-style burqas and other garments that cover a woman’s face, The Times said today. The proposal, said the London-based newspaper’s online edition, has strong public support. According to an opinion poll by Ipsos for the magazine Le Point, 57% of voters favor a ban while 37% are opposed, The Times reported.

“The recommendations of a parliamentary commission, to be published on Tuesday, are expected to include a bar on wearing full veils on public transport and in schools, hospitals and public-sector offices including post offices. The commission is thought likely to call for a total ban after further consultation,” according to The Times.

Sarkozy opened debate on the topic in June, telling a special gathering of both houses of parliament that veils that cover the face “are not welcome” in France. He reiterated his position Wednesday, saying the full veil “is contrary to our values and contrary to the ideals we have of a woman’s dignity.”

According to The Times, he is reportedly reluctant to impose a total ban, saying he would prefer a national consensus on the issue. His centre-right party, the UMP, is divided, the newspaper said.

The head of Sarkozy’s party said last week that he wants a law to ensure that Muslim women who wear face-covering veils do not acquire French nationality.

Xavier Bertrand, head of the conservative UMP party, said the full veil “is simply a prison for women who wear it” and “will make no one believe” a woman wearing it wants to integrate.

France has already passed a law banning Muslim headscarves from French classrooms in 2004. That law encompasses all “ostentatious” religious symbols so as not to appear to target Muslims and to get a green light from the Constitutional Council which reviews legislation.

The measure proposed last week by Jean-Francois Cope is presented as a security initiative.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. The governments of the French Republic since 1789 have always been anti-clerical.

    It is not only burqas that have been prohibited; the wearing of kipot is also banned in French government-funded schools, colleges and universities as well.

  2. Comment 1: You seemed to have missed the point of the French. It is NOT for terrorist reasons that they are doing this but rather to encourage social interaction and the enforcement of the Western lifestyle as ‘THE’ lifestyle of France.
    In essence, the next obvious step is to ban Rav Falks books, liberate Jewish Women from MANDATORY head coverings and non liberal clothes. Granted this is still a while away, but this move will set a precident for the future.

  3. Undoubtable something very much against daat-Torah if I may say so – just listen to Sarkozy’s words: “(It) is contrary to our values and contrary to the ideals we have of a woman’s dignity.” G-d save us from their ideals and what they consider a woman’s ‘dignity’ – what do they consider ‘dignity’ for goodness sake – pritsut?!!

    Such a head-on attack on the freedom of religion and the REAL dignity of women must be strongly fought – and that is even BEFORE stating the obvious that today it’s the muslims tommorow (le havdil) the Jews

  4. Flew to the US recently from EY and our travel agent asked us if we mind flying through France – why should we mind we asked ? ‘Because they sometimes force women to remove their head coverings’

    If there ever was a purpose in creating ‘human rights’ this is a time to use them, this direct attack on religious practice needs to be fought in the European Court of Human Rights if necessary


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