Study: Salmon May Harbor Infectious Coronavirus For a Week

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Coronavirus lingering on chilled salmon may be infectious for more than a week, according to researchers in China, where imported fish have been investigated as a potential source of infections.

Researchers at the South China Agricultural University and Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Guangzhou found SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, collected from salmon samples could survive for eight days at 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s roughly the temperature at which the fish are transported. The research was released Sunday in a report ahead of publication and peer review.

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  1. What about if the salmon was wearing a mask before it was caught? What about if the fish always made sure to stay 6 feet away from a fellow fish and avoided even downstream chassunas?

    • Their kaporos studies should be publicized soon with their findings of covid on the highest level, worse than abortions

      First of all their fins didn’t wear gloves. Secondly the Health Dept had a hard time with their lockdown as they’re running all over the ocean.

  2. Who keeps raw salmon in their fridge for 8 days? If you eat salmon sushi it is always frozen first which most likely kills the virus. Cooking fresh salmon kills the virus and when handling raw fish who ever touches their face? Yuck! Obviously you wash your hands well with soap to get rid of of the smell which also gets rid of the virus. I’m not sure what the point was conducting this research.

    • Freezing in fact stabilizes this virus. During food preparation, even if you are very careful not to touch your face, tiny particles get suspended in the air. We don’t need to be touching our eyes or nose, in order to notice we are chopping an onion. This is also the reason workers in hot chili pepper factories wear N95 respirators. This specific research is Chinese, but there are others which came to the same conclusion. Don’t believe it if you don’t want to, I would think the point is to give important, perhaps vital, information to those who wish to listen to the truth, if you don’t want to listen, there’s nothing anyone can do. Truth and reality, however, are hardly changed by your beliefs.


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