The World’s Most Powerful Armies; Israel Only 18th

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Global Firepower’s 2023 ranking of 145 nations of the world based on only their available firepower gave the United States first place, with a power index of 0.0712 (with a perfect score represented by 0.000).

Israel came among the top 20, at 18th place with a score of 0.2757.

The US was followed by Russia, China, India, the UK, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France, Italy, and Turkey.

Ukraine, which has been battling Russia for almost a year, came 15th, followed by Australia, Iran, and Israel.

Russia outdoes Ukraine in almost every paremeter, including total population (142 million versus 43.5 million), available manpower (69.5 million v. 22 million), active personnel (830,000 v. 200,000), paramilitary forces (250,000 v. 50,000), defense budget (82.5 billion v. 30 billion), purchasing power ($3,900 billion v. 515 billion), aircraft (4,182 v. 312), fighter aircraft (773 v. 69), helicopters (1,531 v. 113), tanks (12,566 v. 1,890), armored vehicles (151,641 v. 37,000), self-propelled artillery (6,575 v. 953), and towed artillery (4,336 v. 889).

Earlier this month, a 2022 roundup by US News & World Report gave Israel 10th place among the world’s most politically influential and militarily strong countries.




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